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Ciara sues ex fiancé for $15million.

Ciara and Future

Ciara sues ex fiancé for $15million. 

Ciara has reportedly demanded $15million from her ex fiancé and father of her son.  She claims that Future has damaged her image and reputation with his twitter rants.  She believes that he has questioned her competence as a mother, although, she has returned this compliment many times.  She also says that Future has attacked her relationship with new husband Russell Wilson; all in a bid to publicize his music. Ciara believes Future’s comments were said with malice and this is why she is suing for slander and libel.  She has demanded that his mean-spirited tweets are deleted and wishes to prevent him from speaking publicly about private matters involving baby Future.


The judge appears to be on the side of Ciara’s estranged fiancé and has ruled that the tweets were not enough to cause the damage that the singer has suggested.  She has been asked to provide further evidence. Ciara is not happy with the ruling and is clearly not happy with her ex.  An application for sole custody of their son was submitted by Ciara and rejected. 


As we have said before, no one is above the law and at 7thsense we cannot guide on legal issues but will Ciara and Future snr. be able to put their personal issues aside in order to co-parent their son in a healthier manner.  Let’s see what the cards say.


Véronique’s Verdict


Ciara and Future drew the Justice card, the Nine of Wands and the Eight of Swords. 


The Justice card speaks for itself.  This is the time for the warring ex’s to see one another’s viewpoint.  It’s time to balance the books on a physical and emotional level.  Ciara has evidently attempted to remove Future from her son’s life and she has felt strongly in her wish to do so.  However, the law is the law and whether she agrees or not, she has to stand by the decisions of each ruling.  The Angel of Justice is not blind to both sides and sees ALL Sides of the situation. 


The Nine of Wands shows that both parties are prepared to defend their position and there is little consideration given for the other.  I feel that this is one challenging situation that will continue.


The Eight of Swords reveals a stalemate situation.  I feel that both Ciara and Future should look at the bigger picture and consider that they were both responsible for creating the obstacles, doubt and confusion.  There is no quick fix here and the hurt on both sides will continue until they are able to work together amicably.  They are wished the best during this challenging time.

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