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Columbus Short engaged to pregnant Aida Abramyan


Columbus Short engaged to pregnant Aida Abramyan

The 33-year-old actor Columbus Short has revealed that he is engaged to Aida Abramyan who is pregnant with his child. They are yet another on-again, off again couple.
This will be his fourth marriage and his third child. You can’t knock this guy’s optimism. He already has a son and a daughter. The couple has revealed that they have chosen a name but are keeping it a secret right now.
The pair have plans to marry in January before the baby arrives.
Columbus does appear to have an ‘interesting’ past when it comes to relationships.
Is he finally trying to turn his life around?


Véronique’s Verdict

The newly engaged couple drew the Ten of Wands, the Magician and the Four of Pentacles. The Ten of Wands shows an over-commitment that is slowly becoming a strain. This relationship feels like hard work despite the passion between them. There appears to be an alchemical element to this relationship and this is revealed by the Magician. Although the energy is challenging I do see change for the better. The Magician is the mediator between initiative and cunning. The Four of Pentacles shows very real accomplishments that may not reflect true happiness. This card is a reflection on self-belief, values, and self-worth. These are things that cannot be taken away, only given away. This card shows that material possessions, beautiful as they maybe do not always equal happiness. I feel that this couple has enough of an understanding of each other to work through any real and perceived challenges in order to gain the best for themselves. They are wished all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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