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Celebrity Compatibility Horoscope – Christina and Matthew

Christina Aguilera Matthew baby

Celebrity Compatibility Horoscope – Christina and Matthew

Although most celebrity couples can`t wait to show off their affection, Christina Aguilera`s relationship is different. We can spot her with fiancé Matthew Ruler only on very special occasions. And even then they aren`t `over the top`. Their discreet love is what makes those occasions so unique and special.

They have been together since 2010, with an engagement in 2014. Still, they haven`t set a date yet for the big day. According to Christina, their love is “secure enough”, so they don`t feel the need to tie the knot just yet. Which is, of course understandable. But what if there was more to the story?

One`s birth chart can reveal a lot of hidden truths. And in this case, I had a look at both Christina`s and Matthew`s birth charts. Let`s see whether this couple was a match made in Heaven (or not).

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Understanding : There is no need for questions, because they both know the answers. There is a general understanding between them. There is nothing to hide, and their relationship is secure and safe. Think about it as a boat that`s being rocked back and forth by the water. It`s calm and relaxed, yet sudden waves can push it over. So, whenever the tide is high, they might bump into a few rocks. But hey, this is what life is, and their mutual support helps them get through the difficulties.

Yin and Yang : Everything has another half, and this is true for this relationship, too. Christina and Matthew complement each other in a unique way. While this forms a strong bond, it also means that occasionally they have different points of view. This could easily lead to challenges. Their fights are rather intellectual than physical, and they can normally solve the issue quickly. They are simply different, and that could both be a good and a bad thing. If they manage to realize that they don`t always have to agree, then the relationship can be lasting and fulfilling.

Fidelity : Neither of them has to question their partner`s fidelity and honesty. Because they have everything they need within the relationship, the idea of looking elsewhere is basically non-existent. They respect and trust each other, tolerating each other`s faults and differences. Possible difficulties don`t come from cheating, but rather their differences in taste and personality. They tend to want to change the other, and this can lead to a bitter break-up, if they aren`t careful. It`s up to them to find the balance between acceptance and adaptation.

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