Complicated Life Choices With The Seven Of Cups Tarot

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Complicated Life Choices With The Seven Of Cups Tarot

Whenever I see the Seven of Cups tarot card show up in a reading, regardless of what the subject matter is, I know there will be several options presented, meeting crossroads and many decisions to make.

Usually, they will not be simple “should I or shouldn’t I do this or that” decisions. They will show up in a way where there are many opportunities to bring about different outcomes to a life issue or circumstance.

The Seven of Cups, along with being a card of making choices, is also a wish card with each of the cups filled with wishes such as wealth, love and success.

Although it can be interpreted as many gifts or prizes are about to show up and choices to be made from that perspective, there is always danger hidden within one or two of those cups to take you down a challenging but learning path. What this card often suggests is that sometimes you have to choose between many options, all of which may be attractive or inviting but only one of which is the best choice.

Be careful what you wish for

Depending on your attachment to the issues being addressed, not all of those choices are real but a projection of a desired outcome. As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for as you may just get it”, with one or more of those cups coming with a price.

If shown in a card spread as reversed, the Seven of Cups asks you to narrow your focus on either how you are trying to accomplish what you want or to be clearer about exactly what it is that you do want.

In general, when it appears, you are probably trying to do too much and doing most of it not very well. Choose just a few of the countless things that are on your plate and process through these choices one by one.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and not having a clear picture of what needs to be eliminated.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirtuality

Concerning Career, if a business or work deal seems too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true. If you work in the creative field, this is an excellent sign that you are making good progress and your skills are increasing. If your job or field is more precise, mathematical or corporate, this energy carries the warning that you may be spending too much time with your head in the clouds and need to refocus.

When Love is the motivation, you may find yourself with several romantic opportunities showing up. Now would be the time to very specific about what you want in a relationship, being honest and as clear as you can with yourself and all those involved.

If Money is the subject matter, this shows a scattered approach to your finances and the Seven of Cups is suggesting to narrow your efforts into a more focused path of gain. It also points to the idea that it might not be a good time to make financial investments. If you do, consult a professional or do a lot of homework, first.

When Health issues are on the plate, this tarot card is indicating that what you may be experiencing could partially be due to a lack of being energetically grounded such as stress, too much worry, tension or fear projection. Of course, it is not suggesting they are phantom symptoms, so always consult your doctor to be sure. Physical exercise is always on way to help you stay grounded.

Spirituality is a big ‘take notice’ tarot card when the Seven of Cups shows up. It is pointing out to you there are a multitude of spiritual tools that are available to you to help visualize your most important goals and desires being met. Using positive affirmation tracks, visualization, keeping a positive attitude and/or treasure mapping to help make your dreams come true are just a few. If you need help with your spiritual choices, reach out for help. There are plenty of positive influences available out there, you just need to do a little research.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Seven of Cups is a tricky little bugger but I still like seeing it show up in a reading. What it always indicates to me is that at least there will be choices that are available and nothing is going to stay stagnant. The choices you make and the reasons why you make them, is the important element with this card.

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  1. I recognized awhile back what I needed to let go but didnt want to believe it. She was my best friend and lover. to see how far this person would go to hurt me and lie would astonish anyone. She had all are friends think I’m crazy, She even had me quit my job to move back home with false promises when her and friends had other plans. One time they tried to put me in mental hospital saying i was crazy when they were doing it to me the whole time. Amazing how people turn and become so evil and manipulative. We could of been truly happy I thought but bad crowd turns people. Always trust gut feeling even if you think for a second it’s wrong.

  2. I am really interested in your readings, how do you know me though. To choose a card for me. I do very much believe in this and would love to learn more and even do readings myself.

  3. Kelli,
    The card interpretations are chosen at random. Sometimes they just are the right card that you can relate to. Unfortunately we are unable to answer questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing psychics they
    would be happy to help: https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/psychics