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Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

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Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

A frequently asked question to psychics is often about the existence of a spirit guide. Anyone on a spiritual quest of self-awareness senses a presence that always seems to be there when you need them.

Who are these spirit guides? They can best be described as incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life.

They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. Your higher self helps select these guides, who will then help us while we are living out our incarnation.

What happens when you listen to them? Guidance, help and miracles.

When I moved, I misplaced my digital and very expensive hearing aids and could not find them anywhere. I was devastated and just kept praying and asking my guides to show me where they were. I kept on hearing “in the garbage.” Everyone who moves knows what chaos there is and I immediately assumed I accidentally threw them out with the boxes. But I just kept one hearing that phrase every time I asked.

Finally, after 2 days of searching, I had accepted they were gone but decided to be sure and looked through a small trash can my granddaughter was playing with. There they were, laying on the bottom. If I would have not listened, they would have ended up in the dumpster. Small miracles!

Here are some guidelines to help you connect with your spirit guide (and yes you absolutely have one or many) and what to look for when you have made the connection.

Very important! Before you start on your journey to connect with your guide, as always say a prayer and ask for Divine Light protection and only those of the light to answer you.

  1. They send you lots of signs. These signs can be a repeated phrase in your head, a command to “Stop Now!”, look in there, repetitive synchronicities, number sequences and the list goes on and on.
  2. Intuitive sense or a gut feeling about something. Follow through on it.
  3. Ask clearly the answers you are looking for. Including asking for the name of your guide.
  4. Don’t be attached to the outcome of signs or messages. As in my lost hearing aids, I interpreted they were thrown out but the message was they were really in the trash.
  5. Write your questions and then keep a dream journal. Your answers may come up in that way.
  6. Don’t doubt. You are not the exception to the rule and have to experience this life on your own. You have lots of help in the unseen world assisting you. Those are the rules.
  7. Ask for a sign. Stomp your foot and insist on billboards on highways as subtlety usually does not work. THEN PAY ATTENTION!
  8. Create a Sacred Space. Asking for guidance and assistance in the physical form of an altar. Candles, spiritual statues, totems, crystals, incense. Then write your question and place it in the altar. It is a form of reverence.
  9. Ask a psychic who sees spirit guides. One of the gifts many psychics have is to “see” your guide. You will know if they have made the connection by your response to the information given.

Susan Z’s Verdict

How helpful are spirit guides in dealing with your life! No request is too big or too small, too specific or too broad but because we live in a world of free will, in order for them to step in, first we must ask and then listen, even if it seems ridiculous or scary. Look for the signs and then watch the little miracles happen!

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  1. Would love to give you some direction on your questions but this is only the stories comment board and no readings are given here. Call in to talk to one of our amazing 7th Sense psychics and I am sure they will have the answers for you.
    Susan Z