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Conscious Uncoupler Gwyneth. Has she found her truth?

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Conscious Uncoupler Gwyneth. Has she found her truth?

The wonderful science that we call hindsight. Gwyneth Paltrow was recently chatting about the evolution of her empire that is Goop during a Linkedin interview. The actress and business mogul is happy to impart her knowledge to all. If she can help, she will. Evidently, it’s impossible to interview Gwyneth without asking about ‘conscious uncoupling.’ Clearly, this statement never gets old. It was on her Goop website that Gwyneth posted the announcement under the heading ‘Conscious Uncoupling.’ It was a joint statement from Gwyneth and Chris although he seems to have avoided most of the flak.

After two children Gwyneth and Chris decided to split up. Separate. Part Company. Consciously uncouple! The perfect end to the perfect marriage. At the time Chris revealed that their marital problems may have been due to the fact that he was unable to ‘let love in’ and that his music allowed him a form of release for his feelings. He even released a song at the time called ‘Magic’ which told the story of their break-up.

I wonder if Gwyneth had a need to find the right words to rationalize her feelings when she wasn’t getting validation from Chris. Maybe in her search for reasoning, she came across lots words that placed a label on what was going on, hence the Conscious uncoupling label. It may have been too difficult to keep it simple and accept that it just wasn’t working between them. Simply saying ‘it’s over’ might have devalued the marriage in Gwyneth’s eyes so finding a fancy title showed that the relationship meant something more and was very important.

As Tarot Readers we continually help people gain clarity and find answers to their questions. We might not use elaborate words, but it does not devalue what we try to do and the intention in which we try to do it. I don’t think Gwyneth and Chris are much different than the rest of us. Same kind of emotions, same tears, same joy.

I wonder if Gwyneth ever made sense of the enigmatic Chris Martin.

Véronique’s Verdict

Gwyneth drew The Hierophant, The Sun and The Two of Hearts. Three perfect cards for a perfect lady. I would say that Gwyneth has found something and it looks like the missing ingredient. This lady has found love… again! Is Ms. Paltrow ready to marry again and we hope for a summer wedding.

Some people are easy to live with and some people have a more challenging energy. I feel that the confusion and chaotic energy of the past is well and truly in the past. Gwyneth is not so perfect, but she has achieved and maintained the balance in both her life and that of her family. Gwyneth is truly a dynamic and inspirational leader, and lead she does. By example. The seven rays from the sun emanate the colors of the rainbow, the seven chakra’s. No inner healing needed here.

Two is the magic number for Gwyneth, she needs balance in her world and this is something she will not compromise on. I feel that there is the development of a loving union here with much going that Gwyneth wishes to remain private. I wonder if Chris would be in attendance for any future nuptials of Gwyneth? Probably!

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