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Constance Wu’s with her best style

Constance Wu

Constance Wu’s with her best style

The stylish actress has sparked outrage globally after hitting out at so-called ‘whitewashing’ in Hollywood films. Constance is not happy with Hollywood choosing to deem a white man as the only (mythical) man capable of saving the English-speaking world. Matt Damon was in the firing line for playing a European soldier fighting monsters on the Great Wall of China. Constance says that colour and culture are strengths and that they have their own stories to tell. Is this an on-going fight for Constance?

Véronique’s Verdict

Constance drew the Tower, the King of Swords and the Five of Swords. I feel that the Tower represents the outdated belief system that Constance believes should be shaken up by the political correctness of her cause. The King of Swords shows that despite the unfair feelings around the issue of race, she will use intellect to tackle things head on with a rational mind. The Five of Swords shows that the cost of a win in this area is too great right now. Constance should look to the future and understand that cheating fate is not an option here. The belief system must be accepted and understood without naming and shaming individuals and risk appearing to make things personal. I feel that this lady will have her day, but for now, she should let sleeping dogs lie.  

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