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The Most Controversial Debate of All Time – Who Will Win?

The Most Controversial Debate of All Time – Who Will Win?

The Most Controversial Debate of All Time – Who Will Win?

The Most Controversial Debate of All Time – Who Will Win? The choice voters are facing right now couldn`t be more difficult. Where accusations fly high and standards run low, who could win the elections, and with that the opportunity to help the United States recover from the after-effects of this fight? While the nation should be united under a firm leader, it looks like people are drifting apart even more as the debate carries on.

The past few weeks saw both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump choose different tactics, hoping that one way or another they will succeed. It seems like even his most trusted supporters are leaving Trump in these crucial moments, and according to the recent polls, it is most likely that he is about to lose.

But again, shouldn`t Clinton wait with the planning until she really concluded victory? We are all familiar with the saying “you must sow the seed before you can reap the harvest”, and although it looks like she already planted those seeds, the harvest could still bring an unfavorable outcome for her.

Just like any other time, whoever gets the majority of the votes will be the new President, but let`s ask the cards whether Trump could still win the battle, or all is lost for the politician and Clinton is right in claiming an early victory?


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Ace of Swords for Clinton: This card represents a great victory. Success that`s based on intelligent ideas and practice. Everything is going to happen fast now, and the pace will take her by storm, so it seems like she is right indeed in planning ahead.


Knight of Wands (Reversed) for Trump: This card indicates that Trump feels angry and frustrated, because he feels like he isn`t going anywhere and he is denied what he wants to have. It also predicts a loss of power, but this might actually affect him in a much broader level, as he very much relies on his personal brand in many of his ventures. He fails to see the big picture, focusing on personal interests, trying to hurry things along. Whether he wins the final round or not, he will soon have to face the consequences of his actions.


Four of Cups (for both): Either way, damage has been caused to both, and now is a time to re-evaluate what truly matters. They are both dissatisfied, growing tired of the same old struggles and battles. This card is a reminder not to take anything for granted, so the debate can still include some surprises for both parties – and of course the voters.

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