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Coping with the Dark Side of your Star Sign

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Coping with the Dark Side of your Star Sign

As in all general astrological data, the information listed below does not take into account the effects of your rising sign, moon and other influences of your predominant Zodiac sign. The finest qualities of your star sign personality are also your Achilles heel. Designed for your soul to experience both facets of your planetary influence. Written here is a general breakdown of those quirks, either knowingly acknowledged by you or pointed out by others.


Arrogant Aries is a phrase thrown around occasionally. They are enthusiastic and mostly positive about everything they are involved in. Impatient with yourself and others when things don’t go your way. You can be pretty quick to anger but also just as fast to make it right. Change: accepting that you JUST might not be correct in seeing the big picture!


Solid as a rock and likes to keep things “status quo”, not particularly fond of change. Your stubbornness to keep things the way they are regardless, can be frustrating for others. Known for holding grudges, possibly forgiving but NEVER forgetting! Change: learn to unload past baggage with a healthy outlet.


Everyone knows you’re charming, you hate boredom and love to impress with your outgoing personality and conversation. Gemini is the Twins and the downside of being so social and gabby is many times you speak before thinking and that angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other can make you a little too gossipy. You LUV to share a juicy piece of information. Change: if something comes out of your mouth about others, would you say it to their face? If not, take the non-judgmental silent route.


You are a planner and rarely do something without giving a lot of thought to avoid impulsive mistakes. You are a little over-sensitive and can misinterpret a comment or situation as a personal affront. When you get in one or your MOODS, you inadvertently punish others by emotionally shutting them out. Change: basically, get over yourself! Not everything is about you or what you have said, done or thought or not done. Try to put yourself in the other person’s position before making a snap judgment.

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You love being the center of attention with a vivacious personality to support it. Occasionally you don’t notice there are others in the room besides you. Your enthusiasm can also wear down people’s energy just trying to keep up with you. Change: use that enthusiasm to put others in the spotlight every so often. Nothing and I mean Nothing! can dim your own passion when you want to make things happen!


You like things done a certain way (usually yours) and are always looking for a way to improve yourself and others. That drive for perfectionism can sometimes be seen as critical, judgmental and with a streak of pessimism. Change: when challenged with something you don’t agree with, step back and accept the possibility that being or thinking different than you is OK.


The charmer of the astrological signs with a childlike curiosity about everything that keeps you moving from one interest to another at the speed of light. You can spend endless hours weighing the right and wrong of your decisions. You may also struggle with commitment and being loyal to just one thing or person, which can be viewed that you are using others to achieve your purpose as you move on to your next interest. Librans are historically famous for needing instant gratification. Change: work on discipline and patience, for yourself and others.


You can come off as being somewhat reserved and very focused, but God help the person who stands in your way of you getting what you want. When angry, your fiery foundations based on the need to be in control, can come off as being manipulative, holding a grudge, unforgiving and lashing out to others who are close to you. Change: try to stay more focused on a “go with the flow” attitude and being more open-minded.


Your curiosity about everything is without restraint. It is when things don’t go your way and you fall into a bad mood is where your passive/aggressive tendencies become obvious. Your sadness and disappointment can be taken to extremes; falling down the dark rabbit hole of anger, self-pity and lashing out at others because they just happen to be…. there. Change: when making a choice of being miserable (and it is a choice), purposely find something you know will bring you out of it.


The most ambitious of all the signs! You stay focused on your ambitions and usually achieve them. You don’t let anything stand in your way of your goals, causing you to sometimes get your priorities out of balance; becoming a workaholic or a big dreamer but no discipline behind it. You are slow to anger but if ever a sign was a symbol of the “Jekyll and Hyde character, Capricorn would be it. Change: try and keep balance in your life by not letting anything become dominant.


Exceptionally intelligent, with most things coming fairly easy to you. You may occasionally have a superior and demeaning attitude to those who are not as quick or smart as you. Change: remember in the big picture, there will always be others who are smarter, quicker, prettier and more prosperous than you are. That doesn’t make you less than. It’s just the balance of life!


You are a pacifist lover not a fighter. You may try to avoid conflict with a “peace at all cost” approach to your problems. When things get difficult, your instincts are flight not fight, sometimes being interpreted that you don’t care. Change: you always have the option to say no, NOT get sucked into someone else’s drama and voice your opinion.

Susan Z’s Verdict

I have never met ANYONE who follows their star sign in perfect symmetry. We all have flaws, that’s what makes us so interesting as the soul experiences being human.

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