Halloween Series

Halloween Series: Could YOU Be a Witch?


Subtle Signs That You Are/Or Have Been A Witch

Has anyone ever jokingly accused you of being a witch in this life or a past incarnation? October being the month of celebrating Halloween and All Hallows Eve with all the witch lore, wizarding, horror movies and fun and scary costumes, I got to thinking what is it that really defines having witch magic.

From ancient times to the present, through books, TV series and movies, we have seen many ideas and images of what a witch is – some bad, some good. The big laugh at my house is that I was definitely a witch in a past life due to my “witch’s brew” health smoothie I make every morning. I am always blending everything but the kitchen sink in there.

Jokes and smoothies aside, it’s a comment that is also made to people who have healing gifts, the gift of prophecy, using tarot cards, etc. I have always been mesmerized with the practice of wicca and what it really means to be a practicing witch. What if you have all the qualities of what people refer to as witch behavior? So many people just sweep aside anything that they consider “out of the ordinary”. So, I went to the source and compiled a list of what practicing witches consider the characteristics that define you having the qualities of a witch. Who knows, you might just be a closet witch and not know it!

Witches, by the way, are not in gender and male witches usually have strong elemental energies. Wizards are basically the same as witches but until the Harry Potter movies, most believed they were only male. The dark shadow that hangs over wiccan practices came about by the takeover of masculine societal rule around 5,000 years ago and has since encompassed the planet with an elite patriarchal rule and drastically suppressed the feminine elements of wiccan during the Salem and Europe witch hunts. Here are some of the strongest qualities witches and wizards deem themselves to have.

What Makes a Witch?

  1. Earth Powers: Do you feel deeply connected to the planet you reside on? A witch is a woman who connects to the powers of the earth. We inherit Gaia’s (earth) natural powers of birth, transformation, healing and rebirth. These are the powers of women, one in the same with the powers of the earth. “Where there is woman, there is magic.” ~ Ntozake Shange
  2. Wisdom: Are people drawn to you and want to discuss their life and all its fury, pain, love and wonder? Do you end up sending them off with hope in their hearts, and perhaps a tincture, a potion, an herbal remedy suggestion. In other words, when the shit hits the fan, is it you they come to?
  3. Nature: Do you live or like being in the woods or by a body of water? Witches, being intricately intertwined with nature, embody the powers of Gaia and long to be as close to her natural beauty and power as possible.
  4. Storms: Are you not afraid of storms and actually like all the thunder and lightning? Sometimes feeling connected to all that power and energy.
  5. Animal Nature: Are animals naturally attracted to you, and do you love them as well, so much that you empathetically relate to all creatures of this planet? Are you interested in what their totems are? Do lost dogs and cats follow you home, do birds fly into your windows, do horses rush towards you in the fields and want to nuzzle? Witches and animals are so aligned with nature, they speak a similar energetic language and recognize each other.
  6. The Moon: Are you drawn, pulled and moved by the moon’s energy? Have you gazed up at her in awe and aligned with her phases? Feeling like you go a little crazy at full moons and the need to let things leave from your life when she wanes?
  7. Powerful: Do you have more than a sneaking suspicion that your wishes come true, good or bad, and a little cautious and in awe of your own power to make things happen just by thinking of them? Do you get called an old soul when people get to know you? Witches are as old as time and your eyes (the windows to your soul) seem to mesmerize people? Did you “know” special things that might have been ancient truths and wisdom before you forgot your magic, as a little child?
  8. Healing: Are you drawn to the healing arts? Do you tend to seek natural or energetic remedies for yourself, and do you offer them to others? Witches, being so attuned to the earth, are natural healers.
  9. Past Life Memories: Do you have painful past life memories or images of being cast out, burned, or drowned, just for being wild and free? Have you always felt different, conforming and never quite fitting in?
  10. Mystical Crystals: Are you drawn to crystals and beautiful rocks? Do keep stones like clear quartz, turquoise, rose quartz around you for as long as you can remember, even if you did not know their properties? Do you also love candles around and actually light them?
  11. Magic: Have you always believed in magic and still do? Drawn to magical things, creatures, fables, stories, even as you grew older, despite everyone telling you “there is no such thing?” Are you drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable? Have you always thought there was no such thing as a coincidence, that we were not really alone, and this is not all there is? When you are talking about what you think will happen, do people tend to perk up and listen?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

If you have answered yes to any of the questions asked above, you can call yourself an honorary witch! In a good way of course and without intentions of putting a hexagram sign in your front door, always wearing black and casting love spells but you can definitely own some of it.

Seven of Pentacles: Inverted (Upside Down)

Watching your hard work pay off and begin to grow. Since inverted, it shows those who practice any form of magic take it seriously and work hard at it. But because of the fear and stigma of it, they are not given credit to the help they do give.


Being honest with yourself and expecting a fair outcome. Sometimes legal issues. I feel this card represents how misunderstood the whole concept of what a witch is and does and the unfair judgement of the practice.

Death: Inverted

Letting the old die away and transformation. Since inverted, I interpret this in two ways. One that witches stay true to the old ancient traditions but are beginning to change how they are viewed in modern society.

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