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Countdown is almost over for Donald Trump!

Countdown to Friday for Donald Trump

Countdown is almost over for Donald Trump!

Today, Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office on the steps of Capitol Building, administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. Mr Trump will give a speech expected to last 20 minutes (or so) and then he is officially President.

The time between election and inauguration allows the president-elect an opportunity to appoint his cabinet and work on policy whilst tying up loose ends in other areas. This ‘in-between’ time allows members of the public to cast their electoral college votes, not necessarily for the candidate they wish to be president, rather the elector in their state who pledges to support their preferred candidate. Hugely populated states are likely to have more elector’s, thus a greater chance to win the state’s electoral college vote. Whichever candidate wins enough states to get the critical 270 electoral votes is elected to that office.

Of course, we know that Mr Trump had 304 electoral votes versus Mrs Clinton’s 227 and that seven electors refused to vote for either of the candidates, not that the seven would have affected the overall results. Many people do not accept Mr Trump as president, but he worked with his team and followed process, he was successful because he had the most electoral votes and now he’s counting down…to January 20 midday following the roller coaster that shows no signs of slowing, since November 8 last year.

Véronique’s Verdict:

The cards drawn today are the Six of Wands, the Two of Wands and the Star.

The Six of Wands
This represents victory and faith, Mr Trump has won the race. For a supreme instant, Mr Trump experiences his exaltation of every level, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This is the foundation that he will build on in the future, those who have helped him along the way will be included.

The Two of Wands
This is the planning stage. He is ready for the real work, but still has time to ‘smell the roses!’

The Star
This represents the wish come true and shines brightly in Mr Trump’s heavens. He will continue to be star of his own show. Right now, his mind is focused on the good and pleasant in his world and will not allow any negative thoughts to contaminate these joyous feelings.

To say that Mr Trump has overcome adversity to reach this point would be an understatement. These cards bode well for Mr Trump’s inauguration… watch this space!


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