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Creating New Life Adventures With The Page Of Wands

Page of Wands

Creating New Life Adventures With The Page Of Wands

The Page of Wands is a card about young enthusiasm in life! Whether it be moving into a romance, a new job, or tackling a home renovation, the energy is full of optimism that things will absolutely work out for you and go your way. It is a card that not only represents a youthful approach and a child’s free spirit and optimism to any issue but can also pertain to a young person in a situation.

The Page of Wands showing up in your reading indicates that you are experiencing a creative restlessness that may indicate a time for a change and is now pushing you to express it or on the verge of a new phase of life. The Page of Wands represents that sudden “aha” moment of creative spark that comes to you out of the blue and begins a chapter of new creative vision. Listen to your urgings, intuition and restlessness where your imagination is concerned. Whether it is the decision to change careers, move to another state or having awakened to the realization you would like another lifestyle. With persistence and a balanced perspective, the not fully formed desires of the Page of Wands can be transformed into a beautiful creative vision that can change your life and sometimes in the bigger picture, the world.

The Page of Wands reversed often indicates that the new ventures you started out have not panned out quite yet and your dreams and ideas are not being realized because you have not planned better. It can also mean that you have continuously put off acting on a new endeavor. You have reached a point where you feel stuck and blocked and you just need to remove yourself from this perspective and just do something, anything, to get the energy going. Don’t let your insecurities or fear of failure stop you from moving ahead.

In general, the Page of Wands may very often literally mean a young person or young thinking person in your life. It can also mean a male or female who is on the younger side. They are friendly, ambitious, and usually high achievers. This card can also indicate that projects you started awhile back are now ready to come to fruition.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

In Career, this card can represent a younger woman (likely to have light hair) who is inclined to be very helpful to you at work. If you’ve been waiting on a decision for a job that you’ve already applied for, the news is very likely to be good. The job is also possibly better and more enjoyable than you had expected. It is what your optimistic energy has created.

Where Love and romance is being addressed, displays of demonstrative love and affection are coming your way. If you are single, a new adventurous suitor with whom you have a lot in common, may be about to show up. Take a chance on them, even if they seem a little flighty. If you’re committed and unhappy in your relationship, now’s the time to decide if the relationship can be saved, how long you are willing to try and make it work or is it now time to begin a new chapter in your love life. Bearing in mind, it always takes both partners to be willing to work things out.

When Money is the issue, it usually means an upswing in your income and abundance. Some of those good prosperity intentions that you’ve put out into the world (in the form of positive energy) is getting ready to return to you, with interest. This is a very good time to start planning long range, even if you’re twenty years old. Where do you want to be financially in thirty years? How will you make it happen?

In terms of Health, the Page points to a need for action. You are being reminded to make some effort to improve your health situation. Do you need more exercise? Do you require nutritional education to make sure that you are eating better? There are resources available. Nothing will change by wishing things were different. Take control. It won’t be easy, but determination and commitment can make it happen.

In Spirituality, this can be a very creative time for you and a good time for you to actually become childlike… dream, play and be ingeniously inventive. You never know what your creations during this time might come to, and at any rate you will enjoy yourself and deepen and enrich your life. Possibly awakening a spiritual curiosity that you had not had before.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

One of my favorite tarot cards when it comes to being adventurous in life and starting new exciting life chapters. The Page of Wands stirs up that childlike curiosity about trying new things and taking fearless creative risks. It shows you are ready to raise the bar in bringing in imaginative ideas and taking chances.

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