Creative & Curious Page of Swords

page of swords

Creative & Curious Page of Swords

Whenever I see the Page of Swords show up in a reading, there is something new and creative on the horizon. There is all this passion, energy and enthusiasm about a new relationship, a new job or just life in general. If the card is representative of a person, they are just bursting with new interests. The card can sometimes mean a young person or represent the youthful and creative energy.

The challenge of course, as with all youthful zealous energy, can you hold the desire long enough to actually make it become a reality? The creative force is there but also to have the maturity to follow through on what you see as your new plans for your life. The Page of Swords often comes up when you start asking some serious questions about how you want to change your life. In the planning stages…looks good on paper but how do you actually make it happen?

The Page of Swords may show that you are finally starting to find your voice to express your creative ideas, opinions and viewpoints from a bigger life platform and new ways of expressing yourself with others. If this card is representative of you, it suggests that you may be exploring a different way of communicating your ideas and opinions.

The Page of Swords reversed, is an indication that you might be “holding your tongue” in a situation to keep peace. Showing up reversed is a message loud and clear that it is time to speak your truth. You would rather keep quiet and keep your opinions to yourself but the card is urging you to start using that creative communication. Even if it is just a personal journal, it will eventually loosen up your creativity and you just might find yourself finally writing that book or even taking on public speaking! It can also be a message to keep an open eye on someone close to you that may be all talk and no action, with a penchant for exaggerating the truth. A word of caution not to depend on them too much to follow through on their promises.

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In general, the Page of Swords is taking a long hard look about how you get the things you want in life. It is creative energy that can be used either to go after your dreams or just talking about them everyday but taking no action. The energy is there, use it to take move forward versus daydreaming.

Career, Love, Money, Health & Spirituality

Career: Where work is concerned, the Page of Swords may indicate there could be some strife at your workplace. Possibly, you stepped on someone’s ego with your creative and enthusiastic suggestions and bruised a boss’s ego. If looking for work, it is an indication that you might have to bring your pride and ego down a little in order for that job to appear. Not settling for less, just being more realistic about what offer you may have to temporarily take. Making you feel you are at the bottom of the work ladder or starting over.

Love: The Page of Swords points to a mild power conflict. Knowing when to keep that creative need to be right and backing off will avoid many petty fights, usually starting over something small and stupid. This card always indicates a little insecurity in relationships. Give your partner space and when looking for that perfect guy, remember there are plenty out there, so no need to be desperate about anyone that shows up.

Money: Where finances are concerned, the Page of Swords suggests you pull back all that creative enthusiasm and make sure you really know where your money is going and how and when it is arriving. The cautionary tale of not assuming the money will be in the bank on Tuesday and spending it on Monday. This is not where you want to put your creative financing.

Health: The Page of Swords on health issues is always a warning message to slow down. The Page has a tendency to believe they can do it all and often find themselves in a situation where they overdo everything! They burn the candle at both ends and find themselves in a fatigued physical state. The message is loud and clear; pace the amount of physical exertion you are putting out daily.

Spirituality: The Page of Swords, even with their creative minds, also has a “Spock” logical attitude about life of “I’ll believe it when I see it,” so you may have overlooked or completely ignored your spiritual approach to life. It may be time to use that curious mind you are gifted with to explore the unseen and metaphysical.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Page of Swords will forever be a curious minded child at heart, using their creativity to explore life like a big playground, but it can also contribute to a lot of foolish dreaming, that is never put to action. That creative and youthful mind will never stop and can make for an interesting and fun filled life.

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