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“Sex In The City” Cynthia Nixon Is Reportedly Weighing In To Run For New York Governor

“Sex In The City” Cynthia Nixon Is Reportedly Weighing In To Run For New York Governor

“Sex In The City” Cynthia Nixon Is Reportedly Weighing In To Run For New York Governor

The Wall Street Journal reports that liberal supporters have approached the “Sex and the City” actress to run in 2018. Cynthia Nixon is putting much speculation out there for her fans on taking a new starring role in politics. The Wall Street Journal reported that Nixon is among the prominent Democrats considering challenging Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year. Some liberal supporters had “approached” Nixon to run against the governor, the Journal said, citing unidentified associates of the actress. Cynthia Nixon, 51, is an outspoken advocate on many political issues, public education funding being her prime focus. She’s not held back in her criticisms of Cuomo, who’s seeking re-election in the November 2018 race and she has close ties with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “She’s an out-of-the-box candidate with progressive credentials who would excite people,” Billy Easton, executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education, a public-education advocacy group, told the Journal.

When Nixon appeared on “The View” in April, she blamed the governor for a lack of funding for public schools. “I think that, basically, Governor Cuomo is short-changing the children of New York State,” she said. When “The View” hosts pointed out Cuomo’s announcement that month that New York State would offer free tuition at four-year colleges, Nixon was quick to point out the fine print to that offer. “Basically, it only affects families that make between $75,000 and $125,000 a year,” Nixon said. “And it doesn’t apply to people who go part-time, which means they might have to work while they’re there, or they don’t graduate in four years, or they’re part of Obama’s 2012 program Dreamers.” The actress has already been seriously involved in New York City politics, particularly since 2014 when de Blasio placed her on the advisory board for the Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City. Even with all the hoopla of the announcement, The Wall Street Journal is reporting fans shouldn’t get their hopes up claiming that even though her candidacy “would spark fanfare, it remains a long shot.”

Trump Was A Long Shot Too, So Why Not Nixon For Governor Of New York?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

I believe that Nixon will run and have the support. Winning the Governor’s office may be a little out of reach right at the moment but it will start a fire that will continue to burn brighter and we may just see her in the Governor’s Mansion one day.

Seven of Wands: Being challenged and making a stand. This card certainly speaks volumes of how Nixon feels about running for office.

The Devil: Fearful and negative thinking that brings about change for the better. Another card that explains why Nixon is considering running for public office.

Eight of Swords: Fears keeping one bound from making a decision. Nixon feels her hands are tied in making changes she want to see unless she tackles the problem at a political level, which I believe she will do.

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