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Dakota Fanning ’s Fairy Godfather?

Dakota Fanning 's Fairy Godfather?

Dakota Fanning ’s Fairy Godfather?

Dakota Fanning has been acting since the age of 6 and she has worked with the Hollywood elite from quite a young age. During a recent conversation with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch what happens live,’ the subject of leading men came up. Dakota is now 22 years old and so much of her acting past is behind her. Let’s get back to the bit on leading men. When the subject was raised, Dakota shared a story about Mr Tom Cruise. Apparently, the Hollywood legend has sent beautiful birthday gifts to Dakota every year since she was 11 years old.

Dakota revealed that she and Mr Cruise are lifelong friends, she believed that the generous gifts would end when she reached a certain age, such as 18 years old maybe, or perhaps 21 years old. Well she’s now 22 and the gifts are still forthcoming. Evidently she appreciates Mr Cruise’s generosity and the ‘fabulous gifts’ in question? Shoes! Every year on February 23, Tom Cruise gifts Dakota Fanning with new shoes. The fairy godfather of every woman’s dreams!

Véronique’s Verdict

Let’s see what the cards say for Dakota today. Dakota drew the Ten of Hearts, the Lovers and the Nine of Wands.

The Ten of Hearts shows a sense of togetherness in a familial sense and finding her spiritual family. Of course, the majority of people do have positive relations with blood relatives but this does not stop them from replicating this energy elsewhere. Dakota has assisted in creating a respectful energy within the professional realms.

The Lovers reveals a love affair in progress. Of course Dakota is famous for her work rather than her relationships and appears to have succeed somewhat in keeping her love life fairly private. This card shows a serious contender in her life at this time.

The Empress represents the mother figure. Do we hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet. There is a strong maternal energy around Dakota right now and a maturity beyond her years. She exerts her power with a loving hand and this is what others are drawn to.

Dakota cards say that she is enveloped in love right now and wishing to expand on what she has. Of course, on the subject of pregnancy, we’re psychics not medics but we do have new of a baby and a love commitment. Watch this space!

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