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The Dalai Lama speaks out on Fake News!

The Dalai Lama speaks out on Fake News!

The Dalai Lama speaks out on Fake News!

The Dalai Lama speaks out on Fake News!

More recently, this outspoken and charismatic leader of the Tibetan people has discussed the subject of fake news. He has said that not only is the truth the best guarantor but it is also the foundation of freedom and democracy. The Dalai Lama feels that global politics requires love and compassion in our small world in order to meet the challenge of modern times. Essentially, we should all learn to work not just for ourselves and loved ones, but for the benefit of all humankind, developing a greater sense of universal responsibility.

The Dalai Lama went on to say that the most successful movements are based on truth and where international relations are concerned, the world seems to pay little respect to truth. Consequently, weaker nations are manipulated and oppressed by stronger ones, just as weaker societies suffer at the hands of those more affluent and powerful. He went on to say that truth and compassion were the ultimate source of human happiness and that our need for them lies at the very core of our being. Compassion and the practice of it is not just a symptom of unrealistic idealism, but the most effective way to pursue the best interests of others as well our own.

Ultimately, the Dalai Lama says that universal responsibility is the real key to human survival and the best foundation for world peace, but will the patron saint of Tibet’s words of wisdom have the desired impact in the current ‘fake news’ climate. Let’s see what the cards say.



Véronique’s Verdict:

The cards drawn are the Prince of Pentacles, the Queen of Pentacles and the King of Wands.

The Prince of Pentacles

This represents the physical aspects of the situation. The root of the issue around fake news lies with the goal-orientated nature of those wishing to be heard, whether this be news publications or politicians. There is a stubborn energy within this card and a sense of not wishing to listen to the views of another. I do not see immediate change for the better at this time.

The Queen of Pentacles
This represents the world view in terms of fake news reports. Although this card says that the reporting process will improve on a global scale, the world’s citizens will make themselves accountable for how they receive the information that is being selectively drip-fed to them by the publications and powers that be.

The King of Wands
This represents the Dalai Lama. Yes he is pro-peace, but there is a passion that drives him to verbalize his truth and the strength to stand by his convictions. The Dalai Lama is a warm, confident and decisive leader who will continue to be viewed by the world as a noble, dependable individual.

I feel that the Dalai Lama has done much to separate fact from fiction and his view is respectfully heard having the required impact on world leaders and world citizens. His words will continue to bring comfort to many through the current uncertainty.


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