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Date Drama That Scares Men Off

date drama

10 Types of Date Drama That Turn Men Off

Dating is not a pleasant experience, unless you have taken the attitude of making it a sport.

First dates are always a breeding ground for insecurities even among the most self-assured. There is no standard rule book to follow of the do’s and don’ts on how to act or not to act or what to say or what to wear. Why? Because each first dates or new dates are all different but what is true is that you remain the constant and have to figure out how to adjust to the new territory you have now entered.

The truth is that men and women are extremely similar and vastly different in how they view the dating routine.

Men have a straight forward communication style and simply put, men like life as simplified as possible. They don’t enjoy complicated or confusing. Once they are dating you or married to you, they want things to go as smoothly as possible.

Whereas women go to their emotions and have the ability to create many twists and turns in evaluation of a dating situation from one questionable statement. While it’s not realistic to think new dating relationship will go on without any problems, there are some date drama issues that are unnecessary and seem to pop up too often. These are the top 10 dramas that men say are the biggest turn offs in dating or being involved with a woman.

Date Drame Turn Offs

  1. She is always running late, so he is always waiting.
  2. She always has something negative to say about everyone she comes in contact with and everyone is ‘out to get her’. She doesn’t have many or any female friends because they are all ‘jealous of her’.
  3. She doesn’t get along with his family and doesn’t try to understand or get to know them better and she always wants him all to herself. She doesn’t care for his children and makes it
  4. crystal clear. Ladies, I think we can all agree, if someone you’re dating makes it clear they aren’t crazy about your kids, that relationship is doomed.

  5. She cannot get enough attention. She loves talking about herself, always puts her needs first and wants all eyes (and ears) on her. She loves to exaggerate when she’s telling a story because that only makes it that much more interesting!
  6. 5. She makes him feel like nothing he ever does is good enough. And she likes to tell him why it was wrong, in full detail.
  7. Problems seem to follow her like the plague. Whether it’s her car that broke down again for the 3rd time this month or not being able to pay her rent because she lent her coworker money again and she didn’t pay it back. She always needs to be rescued from her latest mishap.
  8. She likes to argue. She may have grown up in a house where everyone argued and unfortunately, she hasn’t learned how to communicate in a healthy manner yet.
  9. She just isn’t happy. Nothing or no one makes her happy and she makes it clear to all. She doesn’t want to try new things, likes to complain, is stuck in a funk, and just can’t seem to rise above.
  10. She’s insecure and afraid he may leave her, which creates problems for him. She’s jealous when he goes out with his friends, calls him often at work, and doesn’t believe his married coworker doesn’t have a thing for him.
  11. She is unstable when provoked. She keyed his car, cut up his clothes, poured sugar in his gas tank or called his mother to tell him what a horrible man she raised and how badly he’s treating her.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

OK, so some of the dramas were a little over the top and VERY intense but you get the idea. If you see any of yourself in the men’s dating drama queens, you can change it by focusing on yourself and asking why men in particular bring out your worst behavior of insecurity. Believe that what you are bringing to the table in a relationship is top notch and the insecurities will not roll into “over the top” drama.

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