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Do Psychics Get Psychic Readings?

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Why would a psychic need a psychic reading?

As a psychic, these are some of the remarks you will regularly hear: “Some psychic you are, you should have known that would have happened!”, “Since you’re psychic, I bet you already know what’s going to occur in your future?” or just “Why do you need a reading, you’re psychic?”

Are you pondering if a psychic’s guides and angels reveal everything about their future or life? Think again! People who have the gift are stuck in a human body just like everyone else.

Have you ever gotten a reading where the psychic couldn’t receive the information you desired or didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear? Why this happens is because there are lessons to learn; therefore, you have to live through the experience. If you knew in advance of everything that would occur, why would you need to live?

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Psychics are flesh and blood, no matter how much you might be in awe of them, they’re human beings. Every adviser has their own lessons to learn in this schoolroom called Earth. A psychic cannot know everything or they would be chilling out with God eating bonbons in the Great Beyond! Every human has doubts, questions, or needs validation, which is why psychic readings are so beneficial for us, even psychics.

Doubts and Validation

As an experienced psychic I trust my own intuition for the majority of things; however, there are times I have my doubts or need validation for something. Psychics have doubts in the following: affairs of the heart, their business, money, education, family, friends… Oh, wait a minute, these are the same reasons why our clients call us. Now, can you understand that psychic do not know everything?

What’s beneficial about a psychic receiving a reading is they have a clear understanding of the process. Reading for a psychic is enjoyable as they’re so open to spirit without the fear that clients sometime have.

For instance, a psychic knows the value of allowing her adviser to channel the information before asking questions. The reason for this is often your adviser will receive answers from our guides and angels as they already know what your questions are. Other times unexpected useful insights come through if given the time to allow what needed to come through. Consequently, this information could have been blocked if the reader was bombarded with questions. Once the free style insights are given, then the psychic will ask questions.

Psychic readers know the value of not giving the psychic too much information as this could entice their ego to disrupt their abilities. Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive, was on an Oprah show where she told the audience not to say anything before the reading. It was fun to watch Ms. Myss keep shushing each audience member when they started speaking about their issue.

An adviser also knows not to interrupt the psychic’s flow of receiving messages, for often it is difficult to retrieve information that was received in the moment. When the psychic is finished, is the best time for feedback or questions.

Lastly, wouldn’t a massage therapist desire a massage, or a cook want someone else to cook for them? Getting a psychic reading is not only informative, but fun!

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