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What was found in this Walmart salad will shock you.


What was found in this Walmart salad will shock you.

Fresh Express is among many companies who supply Walmart’s prestigious food. The packaging process is no doubt longwinded and items are selected carefully. Or are they? Fresh Express’ Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad is quite popular. Well, it was, until people discovered that it might contain some extra ingredients nobody asked for.

Two people were shocked (and probably disgusted) when they found a dead bat inside the salad they purchased. Unfortunately, by that time they ate some of the salad. Yikes! But, apart from the terrible experience, the unfortunate event might have further implications.

Like how did the bat get inside the container of salad? And what if it was infected? There is good news though. Even if it was, CDC said that it was ‘extremely uncommon’ to catch rabies from eating a rabid bat. It doesn’t mean though that it’s impossible, so the victims were still referred to being treated for the disease.

In case you wondered what happened to the bat, it was sent to CDC. But they couldn’t examine it properly, due to its state. Rabies or not, those out there who ate the salad shouldn’t be in danger. I guess probably the best thing is not to wonder whether there was another bat somewhere. Just forget it and move on. And of course, throw the salad out, if you still have it in your fridge.

The salads were recalled from the shelves, and an investigation will take place. In the meantime, let’s ask the cards to see what’s behind this all. Will it impact Walmart’s and Fresh Express’ reputation?


Psychic Timea’s Verdict:


Five of Swords: There is a lot of tension in the air, and the companies will suffer a financial loss. There is mistrust and disappointment surrounding them right now. However, we need to decide whether this fight is worth starting. Is it an option to let it all go?


Temperance: It was certainly an eye-opener for both companies. They will seek a higher balance in their actions from now on. The external influence that caused this to happen can be contained. Whatever it was, the two of them will fight together to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Justice: Justice will eventually be served. People can get a refund for the salad they purchased, and the truth will come out.

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