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What made dead soldiers families angry at the Government?

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What made dead soldiers families angry at the Government?

When a new Government plan is put into place, it is to serve the nation and its citizens. Or it should be. However, the reasons behind these changes are occasionally questioned by those it`s meant to protect. A new plan would place decisions about compensation for dead soldiers families into the hands of a third party. The assessor would still be appointed by the Ministry of Defence, but they themselves wouldn`t get involved further.

There won`t be a possibility to raise claims about negligence or faulty equipment, either. It is said to reduce waiting time and “remove the stress of lengthy legal action”. According to Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, the new plan would also increase the amount of compensation. They are planning to do everything they can to ensure that there won`t be any faulty equipment, either.

Can they do that? Are these the real reasons behind the plans? Those affected, fear that this will mean something else instead. Some feel like the Government just doesn`t want to take responsibility for the lives lost. They are also afraid that this will mean a decrease in the already fragile security and safety of the soldiers.

Rifleman Daniel Coffey was one of these soldiers. He was 21 years old when he died in Iraq. His grandfather created `Operation Braveheart` to help bring justice to Daniel and all the others. He said in regards to the new plans: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting, because the MoD, I believe, are shirking their responsibilities to our forces. They’ve lost the respect of our forces, they’ve lost the respect of families, they’ve lost the respect of the public.”

So, what is the truth? Is it really going to help speed up the process of compensation? Even more importantly, will this mean that less soldiers have to die due to faulty or inadequate equipment? Or is it a way for the Government to wash its hands, like Pontius Pilate did? Let`s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Six of Pentacles:
This card is all about money, and making sure that finances are balanced. However, it also confirms that the Government does indeed intend to increase the amount of compensation. True generosity is represented by this card.

Nine of Cups:
Although transition isn`t easy, a positive outcome is within reach. Old coping methods are important, but change is also inevitable. The situation will improve over time and everyone will get what they truly need.

The Chariot: This card represents the rocky road that leads to victory, but also victory itself. It will take lots of hard work, and will be more difficult than expected, but it is possible. Justice will be served and it seems like the Government has the best intentions in mind.


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