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Dealing with loss and anxiety during the holidays

For those of us who recently celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US, the impact of the year before is still is very much with us. Many of those who lost loved ones during this ongoing pandemic left many dinner tables void of their presence by which many raw emotions were exposed and experienced once again. The last global pandemic was in 1918. Little is known about how personal lives changed for those that survived 103 years ago, as we no longer have their counsel and the fact that they did not live in the digital age.

Covid-19, and the fears associated with this new Omicron variant have many of us on edge once again. The stress levels many are experiencing are also causing great divisions and tensions in our personal and family relationships. Many personal romantic relationships are also affected by the many tensions that are “spillovers” from the year before which never fully mended.

We at 7th Sense possess abilities to help guide you through these tumultuous times, giving you clarity and direction to lead you towards solutions or possible changes that will ease the tensions and angst associated with the holidays especially during these uncertain times. Remember, many of our fears in life never come to fruition and are often associated with stress, exhaustion, misdirection, and ambiguity. The many exciting astrological alignments and conjunctions in December will also help us all out in sorting through which is most important to us and eliminate that sense of melancholy.

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What’s coming up in December

Moving forward into the month of December, things look far more optimistic than what we have all faced in the months prior. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or both, please either call me or the many other qualified counselors here on 7th Sense, as we are all here to not only listen, but most importantly give you the direction that you can accept, as well as illuminating and forging new pathways to bring resolution to past conflicts and anxieties. Within the first quarter of 2022, the design of our universe promises optimism rather than despair, and prosperity rather than hardship.

The month of December will allow us all to see what is infinitely possible to attain our goals and aspirations which may have fallen short in the months prior due to the many obstacles that the last two years were fraught with. December illuminates a new sense direction and enlightenment through the infinite wisdom of our universe bringing solutions rather than despair. What most deeply resonates within the month is a focus and direction, rather than the feeling of being misled or misguided by others which often occurs during unprecedented times such as the times as these.

Emotions are often fragile and sensitive at this time of the year, which most often causes conflict within our lives as well as others. If solutions to conflict were not resolved in the months prior, then December will open up the dialog necessary to provide change that will be acceptable to all parties involved. The theme to the month of December is Diplomacy and Direction which I often refer to as the three “D’s”. This prepares us all for the path moving ahead towards 2021 which eliminates the disparities of the year we leave behind. Please give me a call at extension 560 to help guide you through these times of change. Know also that the other counselors here at 7th Sense are very skilled in providing you solutions as well.

Considering getting a psychic reading? Visit Mikhail’s profile to see if he’s online now!

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