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Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese shares her good news

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Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese shares her good news

Well it’s that time of year when people are in the romantic mood. Perhaps, it’s because the coming holiday season and all the magic in the air has them feeling that way. Today, the word is out that Deena Cortese has announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Christopher Buckner. Christopher popped the question on November 18th and by all accounts, Deena said yes.

To Deena
Congratulations from everyone here at the 7th sense psychic line. If there is one thing we are familiar with here, it is relationships, engagements and weddings. Love is what we do, among other things. Well, enough about us. What about you and your future? Both of you have been together for a while, so it’s not like you rushed into this. Forgive me for being old fashioned. I think you played this one well, and for that reason I think you are making the right decision.

Let’s throw out some cards for you and see what they say about your wonderful romance Deena.

The Hierophant.
This is the card of education. Relationships are about learning about each other and that doesn’t happen overnight. Both of you have been together for a while now, so at least you have a head start on this, but now that you have made it official, you will find yourself bonding even more. You will be discovering parts of yourself you never came across before. I would love to say there will be no arguments, but that would be a lie. Arguments can often be the building blocks of understanding.

The Strength Card.
This card shows that together you are a force to be reckoned with. You have the ability to put on a strong united front and this is what brings you together. It’s like a moth being drawn to a flame. There is no other way but this way. The strength card, also shows a balance of hearts that makes you strong. Neither one being stronger or more important than the other. You are equal in all things.

The Knight of Cups.
This card represents Christopher and his role in all of this. The knight of cups is the night in shining armour. You can leave your heart in his hands and ensure that it will be well looked after. He comes into the reading with all his feelings and emotions laid bare. There is a sense of security about him which you value. This will be the ship you sail on as you sail through life’s oceans.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

I feel really positive around this union. There is a kindred spirit connection here that seals it together. Yes, there will be arguments, there will be doors slammed and long silences. That is part of the journey. There will be many more moments of closeness, happiness, bonding on the journey. At the moment, you stand at the sunrise of your future. Remember that every day is a memory for tomorrow. Make them with care. We would like to once again wish you both every happiness with your engagement and the years to come.

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