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Democrat blames Donald Trump for divorce!

Democrat blames Donald Trump for divorce!

Democrat blames Donald Trump for divorce!

As couples seek to find unity in their contrasting views and struggles, 73-year-old retiree Mrs Gayle McCormack made the monumental decision to divorce her husband and she says it’s the President’s fault. The ‘Democrat leaning toward Socialist’ revealed that the decision was made last year during a lunch outing with friends when her husband told her of his plans to vote for Donald Trump. A decision too far? Despite Mr McCormack changing his mind and not voting for ‘the Donald’ she went ahead and issued the papers anyway.

Evidently, they’re not the only couple who have parted company because of the presidential election. According to Reuters, 22% of Hillary Clinton supporters stopped speaking to close friends and family member’s due to the election result.

Mr Trump’s popularity has not improved and his political decisions continue to impact on his citizens in more ways than one. Mrs McCormick says that it totally undid her when her husband agreed with some of Trump’s policies, she said, ‘When things are 51% good and 49% bad, you just stay, I didn’t want to argue and neither of us was going to change.’

Obviously, no one wants to be unhappy with their spouse, but if it’s not working then perhaps it is time to leave. Blaming Donald Trump on the other hand…

Let’s look at the cards.


Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn are the Nine of Swords, the Five of Pentacles and the Seven of Hearts.

The Nine of Swords
This represents Mrs McCormack and her ‘logic.’ This card says that she did not wish to face the reality of her marriage and although there was an understanding of what her husband represented, it did not fit in with her perception of the ideal relationship. Owning up to her stuff was not an option for Mrs McCormack, it was easier to absolve herself by blaming someone else.

The Five of Pentacles
This represents Mr McCormack. This cards reveals his wish to soldier on through the hard times, sadly this was met with indifference, and a divorce.

The Seven of Hearts
This represents the future of the ‘couple.’ There is a sense of wishful thinking here but I do feel that they will find their higher truth with their feet firmly on the ground.

The cards show a challenging energy to the former couple. I feel that with a little compromise a positive solution could have revealed itself. A reconciliation is entirely possible.


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