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Devastating News for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Devastatingnews

Devastating News for Kim Kardashian

When you realize that you can`t have children, it breaks your heart. Of course, if you already have one or two little feet running around, it eases the pain. But what if you wanted more? Nobody should learn that they can`t fulfill their dreams. We already know that Kim Kardashian `s family is the most important element in her life. Being a mother complements her already unique personality. And she has been going through a rough time lately, especially since the Paris attack. It was recently revealed, that she has been thinking about getting pregnant again. But alas, according to the experts, her body might not be able to carry one more baby.

While there are other options to consider, the final decision isn`t made yet. With Rob Kardashian`s dream come true, it might be even harder for Kim to digest the news. And although we can`t help her make this crucial decision, we can see what will help her do so. Let`s consult the cards to see how these news left Kim, and how will she be able to cope:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Page of Cups: This card represents openness to new possibilities in this case. Expect the unexpected, so to speak. Sometimes the messenger has a hidden meaning as well, apart from the obvious. Kim has to look deep within to find that message. Her emotions are heightened right now, but it isn`t necessarily bad. Kim knows the solution deep down; she just needs to let it surface. She is compassionate towards others, but this time she needs to show a little compassion to herself. Kim, you have gone through a lot lately, it is OK to express your feelings and emotions!

Eight of Pentacles: Kim is continuously working to improve her situation. She has survived many traumas, and she will get through this as well. She dedicates her time to making sure that all the details are in place. With perseverance and a new attitude, she will succeed this time as well. The Pentacles normally represent material gain, but in this case, it rather shows the physical sphere. This isn`t the time for life-changing decisions, but rather making sure to do everything from her part. Kim will be led onto the right path in due course. For now, she needs to take care of her body, mind and soul.

Queen of Wands: Kim is strong, and she isn`t afraid of a challenge. And that`s how she will soon see this situation as well. Which means, that she will find a solution. She is full of energy and determination; however, she can be stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. It will take her some time to come to terms with her feelings, but she will make the right choice. Kim, give yourself time!

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