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Diane Kruger. Is she over her ex-Joshua Jackson?

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Diane Kruger. Is she over her ex-Joshua Jackson?

After a ten year relationship, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson decided to call time on their relationship. No news there I hear you say, but please hear me out. The former couple are evidently getting on with their respective lives. Diane, back from the Venice Film Festival was spotted on the fire escape of her apartment. Wine glass in one hand and Chanel cigarette caused mobile phone in the other. Nothing like a soupçon of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to drown one’s sorrows, although it was rather a large glass! Diane reportedly used the phone to take a few selfies. As we always tell our callers, self-love is the staple to any successful relationship. As Diane may or may not be aware, we have to show others that we value ourselves in order for them to value us too.

Joshua was seen strolling through NYC with a mystery brunette. They’re probably just friends, though, it’s unlikely he would show off a new lady friend so soon and so publicly, especially one who was wearing a ring on her wedding finger. Having said that, Joshua did not appear to be the most sensitive of partner’s. He previously hinted that Diane expressed discomfort around his sex scenes. I have to say that there is a simple answer to that dilemma. Just don’t watch them! Do we really need the gory details of our partner’s day job. Many people manage to separate work and home life quite successfully. I wonder if they might still be together if Joshua had been a little more sensitive to Diane’s insecurities.

I feel that this ex-couple still care for each other. is it really over between them?

Véronique’s Verdict

What do the cards say? We have The Temperance Card, The Star and The Princess of Hearts. There’s nothing like having a little down time to reacquaint with the self. I feel that Diane has yet to truly experience life by herself. She has gone from one long term relationship to another and there is a dependent energy around her. Breaking free from a husband and then going pretty much straight into another long term relationship does not allow the self to recover. She may feel that she has found independence but its still early days. If Diane shows patience and allows herself the time to grow emotionally then I feel that future relationships will feel more balanced.

The Star links beautifully with temperance. She is moving in the right direction. There appears to be a time-out going on and this is a good time to nourish the soul in order that she comes out emotionally stronger. The Princess of Hearts represents Diane literally. Hearts show the emotional and sensitive side of her, there is a gentle and tender nature which is unusual in the world of celebrity. This card tells of a new beginning for Diane in her emotional world. A reconnecting with a past love? I hope it’s Joshua. Watch this space!

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