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Do-It-Yourself Mystical Workings: Colors

mystical colors

Part One in a Mystical Workings DIY series

Ever tried to work a little magic? Maybe you were desiring a new lover or to bring back an old one. Could you have been working to bring in more money and better financial security?

You can find countless do-it-yourself spells — or mystical workings as I prefer to call them – online and just as many “practitioners” willing to work them for you in exchange for money. Sometimes, lots of money.

I put practitioners in quotes because there are far too many scammers found online that are only looking to cash in on the vulnerabilities of people in need. This is but one reason many regular people choose to do their own workings.

If the working is not too involved, then I prefer to guide and encourage individuals to do their own workings because I feel that they are more invested thus can wield more power than I could for them. The power is ultimately in your intent and desire. Everything else is just a tool.

Items used in mystical workings such as candles, incense and gemstones are only tools used to help the worker be more focused. While certain aspects of each tool do contribute directly to the success or failure of any working, they also help in this regard with concentration.

There are small details to keep in mind when attempting your working such as color correspondences, days of the week, phases of the moon, just to get you started.

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The Power of Color

One of the easiest ways to enhance your mystical workings is by implementing color correspondences. The colors can be utilized in so many ways from a single candle to what you choose to wear to painting a room in a color to meet your needs and desires for the working. An example: I always counsel clients seeking work to wear or carry something gold and/or purple when submitting applications and resumes or when going in for an interview or even when talking with an employment specialist on the phone. This can be done by simply wearing a pair of gold ball earrings or wearing a purple scarf or even just carrying a purple gemstone on your person in some way.

Keep in mind the following color correspondences when attempting any mystical working on your own:

Gold used for gaining a job or higher position, better understanding of oneself, heightened intuition, any kind of divination, money magic
Purple used for success, heightened nurturing and healing abilities, sensitivity, balance, peace, spirituality
Pink used for romantic love and affection, spiritual healing and awakening, partnerships, children’s magic
Red used for passion and sexual magic, courage, strength, intense emotions, health, willpower
Yellow used for friendship, companionship, communication, intelligence and knowledge, inspiration, imagination, confidence
Orange used for energy, vitality, stimulation, inspiration, adapting to sudden or unexpected change, strength and power, encouragement
Green used for money magic, abundance, increase, balance, renewal, growth, wealth, prosperity, employment, fertility, health, good luck
White used for cleansing, peace and harmony, purity and innocence, illumination, clarity, establishing order, spiritual growth, understanding
Black used for reversals, strength, cursing/hexing, protection, stability, transformation/change, dispelling negative energies, dignity, force, banishing evil or negative energies
Blue used for calming, peace, wisdom, healing, any kind of divination, truth, patience, understanding, home
Silver used for intelligence, memory, wisdom, psychic ability, spiritual progression, meditation, warding off negativity
Grey used for stability, balance, neutrality, major decisions, binding. compromise, contemplation
Indigo used for meditation, mastering and understanding oneself, emotion, insight, clarity, expression, spiritual healing, fluidity
Brown used for concentration, grounding, balance, home, strength, animals

These color correspondences apply to everything from fabric color to paint to candles and everything in between. Color, in itself, wields much power as it works not only on our energies, but it greatly affects us as persons, as well. It affects our emotions, our mood, our general outlook as well as how we communicate with others.

When I was in about seventh grade, I had a teacher who was moved to a new room that had been completely painted yellow. Early in the school year, there were casual jokes made about the yellow walls driving her crazy. Well, quite sadly, at the very end of the school year, this teacher was committed to a psychiatric hospital for care and treatment. I have no doubt that she had quite a few issues without the yellow walls, but I also believe the yellow stimulated her imagination to the point she became quite paranoid and it ultimately led to her mental breakdown.

When performing or hiring out any working, always keep in mind the Witches’ Rule of Three or the Three-Fold Law that states any energy you send out will be returned to you at least three times over.

Any energy that you send out, be it good or bad, will ultimately be returned to you, multiplied. So be careful what you send out!

Please note that none of the information contained herein is a guarantee of success in your mystical workings. This is informational only. Please look for my next story in this mini-series on the days of the week and moon phases. Blessings and happy witching!

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    1. Maureen, I greatly appreciate you taking time to read this first installment in my mini-series and commenting.
      Thank you and blessings.
      Happy Witching!!!

  1. Thank you for the clarification, so many times, others state different meanings to colors.
    Question : if your seeking financial freedom & to bring back an old flame, when using multiple colored tools say (candles for demonstration purposes) isn’t it more your intentions behind your tool/candle that’s more of what the basis of the spell??

    1. Most definitely, Judy. I always stress that the true power behind any working is in the mind and desire of the practitioner. Candles, incense, etc. are just tools to help aid one in their desired working but without the power behind the intent, they are just useless tools.

      Thank you for taking time to read the posting and comment, hon.

    1. Yalanda, the following each correspond with fertility:

      Color = green

      Day = Monday

      Essential oil = myrtle, carrot seed

      Incense = patchouli, poppy seed

      Happy new year!