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Do-It-Yourself Mystical Workings: Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential Oils to Replace Incense in Rituals

Most all mystical workings call for the use of incense; however, some people are not able to use incense for various reasons such as allergies or the use of oxygen. Essential oils are an excellent substitute and can even be used in conjunction with incense to strengthen your working. A working to attract money using both incense and essential oil will be included in the next and final installment.

Word of warning before you begin using essential oils for any purpose, do not ingest any of them and always ensure against allergy before applying to the skin.

Among the many uses for essential oils in magic are anointing, candle magic and spiritual wash for cleaning. I always use them in house blessings and property cleansings.

Following is a list of essential oil for rituals and magic:

  • Amyris – anointing, astral projection, attraction, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, love, meditation, protection, purification, sacral chakra, spirituality
  • Angelica Root – exorcism, protection, healing, visions
  • Basil – business success, conscious mind, happiness, lust, money, peace, prosperity, protection
  • Bay Laurel – banishing, exorcism, luck, psychic ability
  • Benzoin – purification, prosperity, attracts customers
  • Bergamot – business success, happiness, money, peace, physical energy, prosperity, protection, sleep
  • Birch Sweet – protection, purification, exorcism
  • Black Pepper – courage, physical energy, protection
  • Blue Tansy – water, immortality, youth, longevity
  • Cajeput – purification, protection, dispel negative thoughts and energies, break habits
  • Camphor – celibacy, crown chakra, physical energy, psychic energy, purification
  • Cardamom – love, lust
  • Carrot Seed – grounding, fertility
  • Catnip – cat magic, love, beauty, happiness
  • Cedarwood – blessing, health, heart chakra, meditation, money, protection, psychic energy, purification, self-control, spirituality, unhexing
  • Chamomile – meditation, peace, sleep
  • Chili Seed – protection, exorcism, fidelity, hex-breaking, love
  • Cinnamon – astral projection, base chakra, business success, health (maintain), luck, lust, magical energy, meditation, money, physical energy, prosperity, protection, psychic awareness, purification, spirituality
  • Citronella – exorcism (exterior use), health (maintain), purification, unhexing
  • Clary Sage – vivid dreams
  • Clove Bud – balances chakras, business success, courage, divination, exorcism, healing, heart chakra, love, money, prosperity, protection, psychic awareness
  • Coffee Bean – grounding, ritual stimulant
  • Cypress – longevity, healing, comfort, protection
  • Elemi – mental and psychic ability, spiritual balance
  • Eucalyptus – healing, health (maintain), protection, psychic energy, purification
  • Fir Needle – mind clearing, memory, communication, purification before ritual, protection, hex removal
  • Frankincense – blessing, consecration, courage, exorcism, meditation, protection, purification, spirituality
  • Geranium – happiness, protection
  • Ginger Root – attraction, business success, courage, love, lust, magical energy, money, peace, physical energy, prosperity, purification, sex
  • Grapefruit – purification
  • Helichrysum – creativity, intuition, invoke spirits, scrying, channeling, awareness, calm, patience
  • Ho Wood – cleaning, banishing, subdue sexual desire, celibacy, chastity, psychic power, dream work
  • Hyssop – purification, protection
  • Juniper Berry – protection, anti-theft, love, exorcism, health
  • Lavender – balances chakras, business success, celibacy, conscious mind (stimulates), happiness, health (maintain), love, peace, protection, purification, sleep
  • Lemon – balances chakras, health (maintain), love, physical energy, purification
  • Lemongrass – psychic awareness, psychic energy, purification, spirituality
  • Lime – physical energy, protection, purification
  • Litsea – energy, rejuvenation, letting go
  • Marjoram – celibacy, happiness, peace, sleep
  • Mugwort – divination, lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, protection
  • Myrrh – astral projection, attraction, balances chakras, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, meditation, protection, psychic energy, spirituality, unhexing
  • Myrtle – love, good luck, fertility, femininity, water aspects
  • Niaouli – purification, healing, protection, clearing negative energies, aura cleansing
  • Nutmeg – luck, magical energy, meditation, money, physical energy, psychic awareness
  • Opoponax – death/resurrection, divination, change
  • Oregano – happiness, tranquility
  • Palmaros – healing, love
  • Palo Santo – luck
  • Patchouli – attraction, banishes negativity, growth, love, luck, mastery, money, peace, physical energy, prosperity, sex
  • Peppermint – conscious mind (stimulates), exorcism, health (maintain), protection, purification
  • Petitgrain – conscious mind (stimulates), protection
  • Pine – exorcism, grounding, healing, health (maintain), magical energy, money, physical energy, protection, purification
  • Rosemary – conscious mind (stimulates), exorcism, health (maintain), longevity, love, protective, remembrance, vitality
  • Rosewood – intuitive health, beauty, divination, scrying, healing rituals, maturity, wisdom, femininity
  • Sage Dalmatian – conscious mind (stimulates), exorcism, money, purification, wisdom
  • Sage White – cleansing spaces and magical objects, banish negative energy
  • Sandalwood – anointing, astral projection, attraction, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, love, meditation, protection, purification, spirituality
  • Spearmint – comfort, healing, sleep (for protection)
  • Spikenard – good luck, fidelity, health
  • Star Anise – psychic power, luck
  • Sweet Orange – balances chakras, divination, happiness, joy, love, luck, magical energy, money, physical energy, psychic energy, purification
  • Tangerine – magical energy, purification
  • Tea Tree – purification
  • Thyme – conscious mind (stimulates), courage, health (maintain), purification
  • Turmeric – purification, protection
  • Valerian Root – love, sleep, purification, protection
  • Vanilla – love, lust, mental power
  • Vetiver – divination, exorcism, love, money, peace, protection, unhexing
  • Wintergreen – protection, healing, hex-breaking
  • Ylang Ylang – love, lust, peace, sex

In the next and final installment of this mini-series, I list crystal and stone correspondences and share a full working to attract money.

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    1. Donna, any one of our tested and proven readers can and will help you if you initiate a call or chat session. I can attest for most of these amazing readers as I screen them myself as part of the hiring team here at 7thsense. You may view profiles and select a reader here:

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      Blessings to you, hon.

  2. Please send me one that will be best for me because it is so hard to pick which oil will be best for me.

    1. Dezmon, it all depends upon what your end goal may be. Also, there is no harm in incorporating more than one oil in any given working or use provided you do not actually mix them unless you research to ensure that it is safe to mix them.

      Do take precaution to not get any of the oils directly on your skin to prevent any potential allergic reaction.

      I greatly appreciate you taking time to read this article and comment.

      Thank you and blessings.