Do We Exist In Multiple Dimensions? Part 2


Re-designing Your Reality

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With every choice you make for change, you literally re-design your life to become something else that also changes the world you exist in. While in the process of those changes, you can literally have one foot in the dimension of the old way and one foot in the world of your new creation.

If you stay positive in every choice coming before you, it can make all the difference in an extremely challenging situation. You must accept that whatever energy you put into a situation or a life choice will recreate and reflect back to you in some form.

If you go all victim, negative, bitching, complaining, blaming, crying the blues over your misfortune, you will only see more people in your life that relate to those situations. If you can take a challenging situation, regardless of how it has the potential for spiraling down into fear and stay steadily focused on a safe outcome for you, things will always change for the better.

By that, I mean being in complete faith, trust and acceptance that everything will turn out all right.

The Power of Positivity

When the four destructive hurricanes came through Florida in 2004, my home was directly in the path of all four. My home was literally untouched, though surrounded by a circle of damage through my neighborhood. Four times the winds and rain somehow always seemed to be a little less terrible where my home was, making a figure eight around us.

I of course had family in other states praying for my safety but I believe we went through those hurricanes without incident because of the attitude of everyone who was in my home at the time. We absolutely kept the conversation on how there was going to be minimal or no damage to our home and we were going to be perfectly safe. All day we also kept sending good thoughts to everyone else.

We were only out of electricity for a half a day and never went without water. Our positive beliefs created a safe dimension where the hurricane would not cause extensive damage. Because of those powerful beliefs, the chaos swirled around us. The surrounding homes all had severe storm damage with roofs blown off, trees on homes and windows blown out.

Those homes matched the fear and belief of the hurricane’s destructive force and created a dimension space of destruction, even though we were less than 1,000 feet from them. My neighbors experienced those hurricanes through what their beliefs told them was possible and I experienced what my beliefs told me. What you put your energy into; you draw into your dimensional existence.

Susan Z’s Verdict

After having read many perspectives of living in multiple dimensions, I personally believe it might be an explanation of what we call miracles. Why in some circumstances, people seemingly escape certain death because their energy puts them in another dimension of safety, while others around them are in their own dimension of disaster. Just saying.

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