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Do We Exist In Multiple Dimensions?

multiple dimensions

Living in Multiple Dimensions

When writing my book on Soul Windows, it brought up an interesting observation for me that we might be constantly living in dimensional flux. We are clearly aware that we change and grow in gradual shifts of perceptions and time lines as we watch ourselves mature and age.

We are also emotionally reacting from remembrances of past events, experiencing life in the present and also creating future experiences, all in the same moment. This was the most difficult concept for me to grasp, creating your life in multiple dimensions at the same time.

This multidimensional life concept has been written about by many spiritual teachers, although personally I thought they might be dipping into too much happy weed when I first read about it. It just drove me a little crazy because I could not get my mind around it.

I finally understood the concept or think I have, that I might be able to explain it in layman’s terms without all the ethereal metaphysical woo-woo definitions. Somewhere through the writing and finishing of my book, it started to make sense.

Eons of Incarnations

When we go through challenges in life, it is for one reason and one reason only, we are here to release the emotional baggage we have been carrying with us through eons of incarnations that keeps us from being completely connected to the Divine Oneness or the concept that we are all connected as One energetic form.

Basically, what existing in multiple dimensions mean is there are always different versions of ourselves that we are experiencing at the same time. The self that is still in negative fear and trying to work through an issue, the self that sees glimpses of being free of that fear with the desire to grow and the self that is completely fearless the majority of the time.

They are all you but different versions of growth. As you awaken and let go of old issues, you can simultaneously live in multiple dimensions and experience various versions of you at the same time.

That is why you sometimes seem to have gotten over an issue but then you find yourself sliding back to being the old you and then finally breaking through to a new version of self. When you do this, you are another version of you living a completely different life because that new version of you no longer has that fearful issue.

The Old You

We even use phrases like, “when I used to be like that” or “that was the old me”. Well, where did the old you go? That old you is still existing in a life dimension where your negative fear is and the new you is living in a reality without it.

It is still all you just several different versions of you simultaneously existing at the same time.

You will also hear people make the innocent statement when pointing out they do not live like that or experience something they do not relate to,” Not in my world, that does not happen”! What they are really saying is even though they exist in your world with you at that moment, your drama does not exist for them in their world or dimension.

You are sharing a space in time but not the same energetic dimensional beliefs. It is very tricky but important to understand how powerful your ability is to create your own world and environment by your thoughts and beliefs, both past, present and future.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article next week!

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