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Halloween Series: Does The Paranormal Exist?


Halloween is fast approaching, and that’s always an exciting time for us here at 7th Sense Psychics. As we begin to feel the veil between the living and the dead thin, we have asked our psychics to turn inward and examine the supernatural from their perspective. This is the first in our Halloween series, but keep your eyes out for more!

Does The Paranormal Exist?

There’s an interesting question here. Can someone be a psychic without actually believing in the supernatural and paranormal? I would personally say that the answer to that is no. But, the longer version is a bit more complicated.

As the paranormal is such a broad phrase, being psychic doesn’t mean you have to believe in all of it. Not everyone does. There are mediums who turn to spirits and spirit guides, but they might not believe in reincarnation. Some psychics might be able to feel, hear, see, and know things others don’t. Yet, do they necessarily have to believe in the UFOs and/or the Loch Ness Monster? And, maybe more importantly, does it matter whether they believe or not? Does the existence of these truly depend on our beliefs?

So, what’s the truth? Why is it that some parts of the paranormal sound more viable than others? And why do perceptions change from person to person? What paranormal means to me, might not be the same as what it means to you.

How to find proof of the paranormal

Well, personally I think that regardless of whether you have psychic abilities or not, you need proof. It’s just the way our mind works. We need to know, we need to be certain. The concept of the paranormal is as old as time, and yet many people are still sceptical. Because there isn’t enough scientific proof when it comes to the supernatural, but I’m not talking about that.

Our proof can come in many ways. It can be a prediction that comes true, a Tarot reading that tells what lies ahead. It could be a dream, a feeling, anything that sets things in motion. Either way, there is always a genuine interest, and then some kind of proof. A proof that it truly works.

Those who experience the true magic in our world, know that there are things beyond our comprehension. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Not long ago, we thought that the world was flat, and that ours was the only planet on earth. When there is a new invention, we always look at it reluctantly, afraid of change.

And the same goes to the paranormal. Those aspects of it that we are unfamiliar with, we tend to ignore. But does that mean that the paranormal ignores us as well? It’s like being naked in the room full of strangers, closing your eyes and pretending they can’t see you either.

The paranormal is there, it exists, whether we believe in it or not. I have experienced many aspects of it, and continue to do so every single day. What is your proof? Are you a believer?

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  1. I am just starting to learn how to use my sycic ability to predict the future some people simply call it planning ahead but I know now but in another way I’ve allways had a way of reading people but people are getting good at being fake until you see their true colors shine but some people can just have a first impression that tells alot and others can dramatically change after a couple years or even shorter than that but what I mean to summarize this point I am learning the ways that I use these
    Sycic powers work so I can use them faster more efficent than before and so I can pass on knowledge and it can be power.

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