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Does Your Life Partner Have to be Spiritual?


Spiritual Relationships and Finding the Right Partner

A married client complained, “My twenty year marriage isn’t working out because I’m more spiritual than my husband.” Another client moaned, “I’m Christian and she’s Jewish, you can understand why that won’t work out.” Tada and the most popular statement is “I will only date a spiritual man.”

There are dating sites for: Christian, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, people into spirituality, and more. Are spiritual relationships where each partner has the same spiritual or religious beliefs better? Yes and no, it depends on each individual partnership. Life is easier when both of you celebrate the same holidays and have similar beliefs in a Higher Source; however, that’s only a tiny part of what makes a compatible relationship.

How about a woman who will only date a spiritual man, is she helping or hindering her chances of finding “the one?” Sure, there are couples who are both into metaphysics, new age, Wiccan, or whatever spirituality you can think of, that have a wonderful relationship.

However the ratio of spiritual women to spiritual men is uneven, as there are more women interested in alternative spirituality than men. Can you understand why a woman is doing herself a disservice for not being open minded enough to give a so-called nonspiritual man an opportunity?

To be truthful, I once had this belief only to discover that some of the spiritual men I met were: addicts, perverts, had tons of issues, and/or extremely competitive on who’s more spiritual!

Just because someone is into the same kind of spirituality as you doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Spiritual Relationships Come in Many Forms

What about the belief my male client had that his partner needs to be a Christian? To some religious people that is a must; nevertheless, it doesn’t guarantee a lifelong marriage. My response to him was, “I personally know a couple where the woman is Jewish and her husband is Catholic, they’re in a harmonious marriage.” By the way, they have been married for over three decades now, which is evidence that mixed religious households can work.

Let’s look at when one spouse is more spiritual than the other. Often when a couple marries young they do outgrow one another as was the case with my client. This is not easy for either partner, as one wants you to stay the same, while the other one desires for you to grow. Sometimes these marriages work out, while other times they don’t.

Whether you’ve spiritually outgrown your partner or in a relationship with or dating someone of a different spirituality, here’s one thing to always remember – we are all spiritual! We may be trapped within a human body, yet at the core we are all beings of spirituality. Some people’s spirituality may sparkle, while others could use a good polishing.

I heard a woman once say, “Sometimes I am further along in my spiritual growth than my partner. While other times he is ahead of me in his growth. All in all, it balances out.” When it comes to someone’s spirituality, who are we to judge; isn’t judging unspiritual? Instead, focus on the compatible areas you both have in common.

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