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‘Carp Diem!’ says owner of Donald Trump Fish Restaurant.

Donald Trump

‘Carp Diem!’ says owner of Donald Trump Fish Restaurant.

Mr Donald Trump may be pleased to hear that one of his biggest (overseas) fans has named a restaurant after him.

Nadyar Zawiti, is the 31-year old owner of ‘Trump Fish’ which specializes in ‘Masgouf,’ the country’s national fish-dish. Essentially Masgouf is grilled carp, farmed in local rivers and seasoned with olive oil, pepper, lemon and spices. Mr Zawiti has said that he truly admires Mr Trump’s personality. He believes that Mr Trump is decisive and tough and he hopes, along with his three brothers that Mr Trump will continue in this manner as their role model and all round action man. This is reflected in the restaurant’s logo featuring Mr Trump with a lightening bolt hairdo.

Although the Iraqi Kurdistan restaurant has yet to make a profit, Mr Zawiti is confident that he can emulate the wealth of his American hero. He revealed that he chose the restaurants name after Mr Trump praised the Peshmerga calling for them to be supplied with US arms. He says that Trump’s name is beloved in Kurdistan.

Sadly, some of Mr Zawiti’s customers have expressed upset with the president-elect’s campaign pledge to impose a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States and so have boycotted the restaurant. One of the restaurants American customers who enjoys the food but not its name has said that he is more than happy to try a restaurant serving Kurdish-Iraqi food with an American name, just not this one.

When asked if he had plans to expand the business, Mr Zawiti revealed that he would love to take ‘Trump Fish’ to America, he said, ‘Give me a visa and I will go tomorrow!’

Véronique’s Verdict

Let’s look at Mr Zawiti’s cards. He drew all major arcana cards, the Moon, the Chariot and the Star.

The Moon represents hope in this context. Mr Zawiti should not fear the unknown. Currently, he is following his two passions, one is his restaurant and the other is a public figure who he holds in very high esteem. He is right to remain positive and should not squander his energies on anxious worrying.

The Chariot reveals decisive action and of course journeying. Travel is indicated for Mr Zawiti and this will be in a business capacity. Although he has faced challenges with respect to his restaurant, his self-assurance and bravado have assisted him in dealing with formidable opposition.

The Star illuminates and inspires. There is an innocence within this card and the belief that dreams come true and miracles do happen. This card says that after the storm there will be a period of recharging and nourishment of the soul.

I feel that Mr Zawiti will continue to follow his passion and the cards indicate taking the trip to meet his idol. He is wished all the best as he continues on his current path.


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