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‘Donald, where’s your (long) trousers?’

Donald Trump

‘Donald, where’s your (long) trousers?’

Donald Trump has been busy of late, as one would expect in the days leading up to his inauguration. Following his recent criticism of the intelligence community, the president-elect has been told to ‘grow up’ by US Vice-President Joe Biden. Mr Biden has said that Donald Trump is a good man but now it is time for Mr Trump to be an adult and grow up. Mr Biden went on to state that intelligence agencies are there for a purpose and it would be mindless for anyone not to listen to them. The president-elect is due to be briefed on allegations that Russia may have interfered in the US presidential election. Some of Mr Trump’s tweets have cast doubts on these claims. There’s a briefing due to take place on Friday January 6th, and the general public will be party to the ‘unclassified and edited’ version of the report which btw will be put together by… intelligence agencies.
And so… due to take place at 11.30am on Friday 20 January, Mr Trump’s inauguration ceremony will mark the beginning of a four-year term when the Chief Justice administers the oath to the president.
Let’s look as some cards!

Véronique’s Verdict

Mr Trump drew the Eight of Swords, the Justice Card and the Two of Pentacles.

The Eight of Swords
reveals indecision and a tendency to place concentration on what may be perceived as the less important details rather than the bigger picture. There is a rigidity and a fixation within this card aswell as a sense of being imprisoned by one’s own mind and a lack of perspective.

The Justice card
represents the need for compromise, but this card says that Mr Trump has a greater need to speak his truth, The winged messenger in the Justice card carries a star-encrusted spear that cuts through obscurity to reveal what is deemed to be the simple truth. The angel of justice is not blind to other viewpoints but takes a measured approach when considering whether to punish, protect or defend particular beliefs.

The Two of Pentacles is the money card and this card says that change is afoot and of the cyclical nature of the material world. There is a sense of duality and extremes within this card. The two coins rolling together form the figure 8, the universal sign of infinity. With change comes growth, there is a need for flexibility aswell as seeing change as an opportunity whilst riding the waves of life.

Mr Trump continues to ‘set up his stall.’ He believes that he is there to do a job and although there is an awareness that not everyone agrees with his methods, he will continue on this current trajectory. There is a divisive energy within these cards but ultimately Mr Trump seeks balance. This is very much a work in progress situation with no final outcome, as such. Watch this space!


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