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Dreams Coming True With Ten Of Cups Tarot Card

Ten of Cups tarot card

Emotional Dreams Coming True With Ten Of Cups Tarot Card

This card in a tarot spread is always wonderful to see on any subject matter, regardless of the question. The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, contentment and emotional fulfillment, particularly in the area of your relationships and family. It represents almost an idyllic state of peace, harmony and love where all your dreams and wishes have come true or getting ready to and good fortune.

Appreciate accomplishments

Given it is a Ten, this card also indicates to stop for a moment to appreciate everything that you have accomplished and be incredibly grateful for the blessings that fill your life right now with more to come.

The Ten of Cups tarot card is also a very positive card in terms of romantic relationships and may indicate either the beginning of a new, very happy relationship due to come in or the signs that a long-term relationship is about to go to the next level. Commitment and love are the requirements to make this come about but this card promises that with solid effort, a lasting love can be built.

When the Ten of Cups is pulled reversed, it is a sign to not take the good things you already have for granted by not being in gratitude of the blessing that have shown up. Sometimes in a love reading, this will indicate a recent breakup or impending one that will ultimately give you emotional relief or positioning you into moving on to a better one.

In general, the Ten of Cups speaks of a happy family life, (even if you are single,) and to a general well-being that goes beyond yourself to include those that you consider your loving unit of parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Where Career comes into play, the Ten of Cups tarot card shows that you have accomplished the goals you were hoping for in your current work. You are on the right track but keep on raising the bar on your career dreams as this card is showing it is possible.

In Love and Romance, if you are in a current romantic relationship and the Ten of Cups shows up, it is an indication the relationship is on strong footing and nothing to worry about. You and your partner want the same things and are working towards the same goal. If you’re in a relationship and hoping for it to move into something more serious, it’s coming. Don’t sabotage it by getting impatient and letting immaturity cause problems where there aren’t any.

Money with the Ten of Cups shows that finances don’t seem to be a problem when this card appears. This is likely to point to a prosperous period for you. Since this card is connected to emotional dreams, make sure your money is put to work for you and not be frivolous with it. This card also suggests to be generous with your prosperity on whatever level you are comfortable with. We are all soul family with service and unconditional sharing part of our life’s learning journey.

When the Ten of Cups appears in a spread where Health is being addressed, it indicates that your physical wellbeing is likely to be much better if you’ve been faced with problems and it will remain good for a period of time. Once again, since this carries the energy of emotional dreams coming true, it points out that now might be the time to improve your eating habits and more exercise to keep optimum health.

Spirituality when the Ten of Cups shows up in a spread is the shout out of, “Live in the moment and seize the day!” At this time in your life, you will be radiating a very good energy and a good attitude. Sharing this positive place with the people around you who need a brighter outlook on their life is highly suggested.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

This is a great card to come up in any reading and since the Ten of Cups decided on its own, by landing on my keyboard to let you know how wonderful it is, appreciate the blessings that come with this card. It shows that an uplifting time in your life has arrived or is about to.

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  1. I’m being evicted in 10 days and I’m scared I don’t know what to do

  2. I love this card, because it’s gonna be a awesome day for me, w/ this card.

  3. Doreen,
    So sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately we are unable to answer questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing psychics they would be happy to help: https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/psychics

    Thanks also for the wonderful responses from several of our story readers on this tarot card. This showing up in a reading or card pull truly gives hope for a better future.
    Susan Z

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