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Dreams and their effect on Reality

Dreams and their effect

Dreams and their effect on Reality

Experts say that people dream, even if they don`t remember their dreams. Our mind drifts off, and some claim that this is the time when it can take some rest. Others believe that our dreams entertain us, as if we were watching a movie. Some people dream in black and white, while others in colour. We can hear sounds, and we can speak ourselves, being completely in charge of a situation. Or, alternatively, we can become someone else or a voyeur on our journey to the unknown.

Our dreams can be romantic, hilarious, impossible, or even scary. Occasionally they can be very real. They might be a reflection of the past, or a glimpse of the future. They can include elements we might have missed in a sensitive situation, the missing piece of a puzzle. Of course, there are many theories as to why we dream. I believe that there is a different reason for each and every dream we have.

And, regardless whether we believe in their message or not, they have an effect on us. Each and every day. Have you ever woken up refreshed, just because you had a lovely dream? Or on the contrary, you woke up feeling devastated, because you dreamed about war, death or illness.

The Message Sometimes our Angels are sending us signs through our dreams. At other times we are the ones who put the pieces together. Either way, our dreams always have a meaning. And I`m not necessarily talking about the general interpretations that we can find online. They can be very specific to the person who is dreaming, or a situation he/she is thinking about.

Everyone can enhance their ability to remember and interpret their dreams. All you need to do is pay attention, and keep a dream journal. You will soon see patterns, recurring people/events/elements. It will all make sense after some time. And if you do this continuously and consciously, you will soon be able to be in charge of your dreams.

The High Priestess
If you want to enhance your ability to dream, meditate on the High Priestess Tarot Card. It helps you form a strong connection between your conscious and subconscious. Sit down in a quiet place, preferably your favourite armchair. Clear your mind, placing the card in your left palm. Closing your right palm over it, embrace the High Priestess.

When you are ready, close your eyes and imagine the card with your mind`s eye. You can lift it to your forehead (eyes still closed), or keep your hands in your lap. The most important thing is to feel comfortable, relaxed. Like that you can make yourself ready to know what the Universe wants you to know. You are doing it right, if you feel the connection.

Do this for fifteen minutes every day, while keeping a dream journal. You will see the difference.

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