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Drew Barrymore and the A-lister selfie.

drew barrymore selfie

Drew Barrymore and the A-lister selfie.

How many A-listers can you fit into one selfie? Actress Drew Barrymore and a host of her fellow A-list thespian friends posted a make-up free selfie on Instagram recently. The gaggle of girls included the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz amongst others. Drew’s fellow ‘Angel’ Lucy Liu was unable to join her friends for this particular snap. Drew posted the caption ‘#peopleilove hold onto those you love and climb a mountain together.’ She said that the women in her life are ‘doers’ and do all within their physical capabilities. Whether the mountain it literal or figurative, Drew knows that you can never have too many friends to help blow away the metaphorical cobwebs. She says that she follows her friends and when she needs them the most, she holds them tighter. Drew is also grateful for such times when her friends need her too, this means that she has done something right in order to earn their trust.

Recently divorced Drew understands the concept that a husband is like a decent pair of shoes, not necessarily there to be walked on, rather to enhance what she already has. Drew is another A-lister who has struggled with her divorce and feels like a failure but, as with great shoes you can never have too many friends to lean on. Yes Drew, husbands come and go, but a friend is for life.

Let’s leave the last word to Drew, ‘I feel so lucky, people and moments make life amazing and motivate me to be my best self.’ Yes indeed Ms Barrymore!

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Drew draw today? We have the Moon, the Six of Wands and the Star.

The Moon represents the lost child on the dark and eerie landscape. There is an element of the unknown with this card and that even though the path ahead may feel frightening, Drew should plough on ahead regardless. She has already started to do this with a little help from her friends.

The Six of Wands shows a time of recognition and growth. Drew recognizes that life has changed but she has worked on to overcome any difficulties and will continue to persevere through what she considers the bad times.

The Star says that it’s time to recharge with a period of relaxation. Drew continues to focus on the pleasant aspects of life and take the step back from any negativity. The star reminds us that following life’s upheavals there is a time of cleansing and purification of the soul.

The divorce has taken its toll on Drew and most people in her position would feel the same. She is channelling her best energy positively and this will help her move forward. Drew is wished the best as she expresses her creative side.

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