The Dual Worlds Of A Spirit Medium

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The Dual Worlds Of A Spirit Medium

In a previous article, I wrote about the guidelines of seeing a psychic and explained the difference between a psychic and spirit medium. A psychic has the gift to pick up information, feelings and details from a person or situation past, present and future. All gifted seers are a bit of psychic, medium and channeler. But what most people think of when they bring up the word medium is one who communicates with those who have passed over and are now in spirit form.

Many of my family, friends and peers have the gift on some level or another but I have always been intrigued by the portrayal of the medium Whoopi Goldberg in the movie ‘Ghost’, who can see and converse with spirits as though they were still living. That gift is rare and mostly random.

So how does a spirit medium go about their day to day life and still hear and feel spirits and on occasion, see them? I find the general rule of thumb is never take visions or messages lightly, forge your personal space early on, continue to fortify it and never be impressed with either your gifts nor the spirits that show up. Kindness and compassion, yes, but you are always to be in charge.

Spirits like to connect with those who can see, hear, feel or otherwise sense them, which is actually an ability that comes naturally to many people. Most of us discover that we are mediums through some ‘other side’ spontaneous event that becomes a fascinating wake up call.

We can’t say for sure why anyone is gifted with a particular talent except that the gift of mediumship appears to be very obvious to those on the other side. As though all of the natural mediums on the planet earth are lit up like radio beacons so any spirit who needs help can find them.

Spirit usually has a purpose in connecting with a medium in allowing themselves to be seen, sometimes being confused and wanting help. Some don’t even know they are dead and are wandering around in a kind of limbo-state, stuck somewhere between planet earth and the astral plane.

Treading carefully

Talking to those who have passed over can be a tricky game if you are a novice at it. Keeping in mind that spirits are just people who are dead but they do have the ability to slip between energetic dimensions and therein lies a danger zone.

Spirits can unknowingly allow darker attachments to cross over to this dimension to just wreak havoc. That is why it does take a certain amount of training and a basic understanding of the role of a medium, to effectively offer help and to protect oneself from the lower astral energies.

Another form of contacting spirit and otherworldly beings is channeling. It is one of the many ways of connecting for guidance with entities from other dimensions as well as our higher selves. A medium is like acting as a direct line between those in Spirit and those who live on the earthplane.

The three things that keep spirit mediums and channelers sane is to develop Humility, Honesty and Humor. Some of the greatest Mediums our there are humble and normal people. A willingness to share what we know, to be forthright and direct with answers and then to laugh, not only makes it easier to develop and enhance one’s ability as a Medium, but also to enjoy being a Medium.

The last category of Mediums are the Trance Channelers. They are in a category all their own as their body becomes a vehicle and allows another entity to enter and talk through them. Genuine trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator.

The famous sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, was trance channeler. He provided healing formulas and diagnosis while asleep. Trance channelers will use a different voice pattern or dialect, sometimes unknown to the medium. When someone is channeling and spirit is manifested through the medium, these physical symptoms usually occur.

  1. Slowing of the heart rate.
  2. No REM. (rapid eye movement)
  3. Body temperature lowers.
  4. Low reaction to touch and pain.
  5. Various degrees of unconsciousness.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Regardless of how your gifts unfold, allowing you to speak to those on the other side, it is definitely a gift to be respected and used often to help those in spirit and the living world. Also following the old rule of practice makes perfect…. well almost!

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  1. I am curious to know what I see at night when I am ready to go to sleep , while I am lying in bed in the dark I see a energy moving around me. It’s hard to describe. It’s almost like a semi fast energy and like a wave of smoke almost like one who is smoking that the smoke from a cigarette. I started see this a 3 years after I loss my oldest son who passed. I will say as its happening in my mind, i have asked if it’s you son please continue to do so. It happens to me every nite if I choice to look for it. It only happens at night in my quite dark bedroom. It never happens during the day. But again I don’t constrate on it your the day. Curious what you think. Thank yoi

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