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The Rock for President 2020. President Dwayne Johnson can it happen?

the rock dwayne johnson

The Rock for President 2020. President Dwayne Johnson can it happen?

Dwayne Johnson said he wouldn’t rule out running for president against Donald Trump in 2020. Now while some say he may be joking, let’s stop and think about it for a while. America has already had Ronald Reagan who’s only qualification at the time was that he was well known in the movie world. During his office, America did not fall apart. Donald Trump has no political background and he made it. So why not Johnson or as he is better known in some places “The Rock”? It Could be the sign of security and strength that a country is calling out for. Especially after what has started out as a controversial start to a presidential term for Donald Trump.

To Dwayne Johnson. Why not? You appear to be a man with a good head on your shoulders and a kind heart in your chest. Two of the best qualities any president would need and any country could hope for. If you have ever witnessed an injustice, or stood by helplessly unable to help in a crisis. Then you need to use this lesson to ensure it won’t happen again. Knowing from ground level what people need, makes the best and strongest leaders. When your heart is connected to the people and your country, they could ask for no better president than President Dwayne Johnson. On a psychic level, I even like the sound of that name.

Let’s throw out some cards for you and see if this is a possibility for you Dwayne.

The Three of Wands
This shows you as a man of many talents. Not only do you work hard, but you have shown that you love your fellow-man. There is a feeling, that the warmth which would flow across America for you would be overwhelming. You have touched the heart of the nation in more ways than one. Wands also indicated intelligence, far more than the kind you get in a classroom, but more importantly, from the school of life.

The High Priestess
The High priestess tells us that for everything there is a time. For now, you must observe, watch, listen and wait. The current presidency must run its course and from it lessons will be learnt. When the time is right you will be able to move forward with your plan. It is important that you remember that this is a journey of the heart. Love for your fellow man must be the driving force behind you.

The Queen of Wands
She is the Mother figure instilled within all of us. It’s the part of us that cares about everyone around us. It’s the overwhelming carer and the need to do good for all, that will be the stepping stone to the destination. This card reminds us that leaders should never forget the reason they started their journey. If the reason is for personal gain only, then it will rebound and they will end up with nothing.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The cards that fell for you were energy and wisdom. Two of the most valuable things a leader of any nation would need in abundance. There are some who are saying you were joking. But honestly, someone needs to put happiness back into America today. There appears to be a great deal of unrest across the nation at the moment. Perhaps President Elect Trump can do it, or perhaps not. America needs to know there is someone in the wings with your qualifications. Do you want to know what I feel on a psychic level? Yes, you would make an amazing president. You have four years to get yourself in gear and go for it Dwayne Johnston. I will be waiting and watching.

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