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Effectively Cleanse Yourself and Property of Bad Energies


Effectively Cleanse Yourself and Property of Bad Energies

Quite often, I am asked to perform cleansings on people and/or property such as homes or small businesses. Personally, I find it much more effective if the person who believes themselves to be surrounded by negativity to do the work themselves as they have the most to lose or gain.

While there are times when someone may find him or herself the target of an actual curse or the evil eye and would better benefit by having someone more experienced do the working for them, more often than not, that person can be just as effective.

The best time to do a cleansing is when the moon is full as that is the time for clearing away old junk and just starting anew. When the moon is full, it is at its most powerful.

If you feel your situation requires more than you think you are capable of or if you would just prefer someone more experienced do the work, there are countless individuals to be found online to do the cleansing for you. I warn you, though, to be extremely cautious when paying for the services of someone with whom you are not familiar or who was not referred to you by a reliable source.

Thoroughly research the practitioner and do not rely solely on any reviews they may have posted to their website as only the best reviews get posted and simply cannot always be trusted. Also know that you do not always get what you pay for and a cleansing that costs you hundreds of dollars is not always more effective than one someone else would do for only $50.

Some of us are not in this for the money, but rather to help others.

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Tools needed for the cleansing include a plain white candle such as a votive, jar or pillar; preferably unscented. You will also need some incense. Any kind will do such as sandalwood, myrrh, etc. If you are doing the cleansing on your home or other property, you will also need some extra virgin olive oil. These tools are only tools and are to help you to be more focused on your intent.

The true power is in your own mind, desire and intent. It is in your words and they must be yours and from the heart with clear intent.

While lighting the candle, say a short prayer thanking God, or whomever, for this cleansing. Try to visualize the negativity leaving you. Repeat this prayer until you are ready to proceed then do the same with the incense.

Once both are lit and you feel comfortable, sit quietly staring into the flame of the candle and watching the smoke from the incense rise up. Repeat the prayer.

Next, take the incense and wave it all around your body while repeating the prayer. Be careful of your face to keep the smoke from getting in your eyes and nose. As you’re doing this, it is imperative that you visualize the negative leaving and being replaced by positive.

In your mind, you must see good things coming into your life such as money, love, a home or car, etc. Keep in mind that the true power is in your own mind and desire.

You should feel a bit lighter. When you do, go back to focusing on the flame and smoke.

Allow the incense to burn down and let the candle go as long as you’re able but it need not burn all the way down. Anything that remains left over can simply be discarded.

Persons who frequently find themselves in negative situations such as a toxic work environments or who are forced to deal with negative people regularly may benefit by doing cleansings regularly such as every three or six months and in some cases, each full moon.

To cleanse and bless your home or any other property, first write your own prayer or chant to repeat as you walk through your home. This should be short and to the point. Using either sage or some protection incense, walk through your entire home tossing smoke into every single corner of the home, including the closets and bathrooms. Continually repeat your prayer or chant. The power is in your actual intent more so than the ritual itself. It would be best if all doors and windows are open as you’re doing this so the negative energy will have an escape route.

When complete, draw a cross using extra virgin olive oil on all doors that open to the outside of the home. Draw this cross on the outside of the door while saying your chant or prayer. Also, burn a white candle and protection incense in the central living area of the home. Allow the candle to burn all the way down if possible. If not possible, allow it to burn for at least 15 minutes.

You should almost immediately feel a difference in your home. Do not worry about standing on ritual. As I said above, the power is in your intent.

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    1. You are very welcome, Maria. I greatly appreciate you taking time to read the story and comment.

  1. This is something I’m going to try. It’s so needed and everyday I sit and talk to God and burn candles, I don’t use incense cause of my Twins with allergies

    1. Yokia, if allergies and/or asthma are a concern, you may use essential oils. They may be diffused, diluted or straight from the bottle just be careful allowing undiluted oils to be in direct contact with the skin.

      1. When using essential oils in replace of candles(scented or not), sage and incense due to my mother having COPD and lung function no greater than 40% I have to be careful on what I use but able to use essential oils with no problems! But how do I find out which oils are used for different reasons, purposes etc?

        1. Kristin, thank you, very much, for your question. I am currently working on a series of stories for 7thsense on performing your own mystical workings in which I address the various correspondences of colors, days of the week and moon phases. I will be sure to include a story on essential oils and incense correspondences, as well.

          Until those stories publish, two “catch all” essential oils I suggest you try are frankincense and rosemary. I frequently use rosemary when doing house blessings. Both are excellent when you are just starting out and when you do not have what you necessarily need on hand.

          Please keep in mind that oils, incense and candles are just tools and the true power is in your intent and dedication to the success of the working. If you are not able to utilize any one tool, that is fine. You ultimately hold all of the power within you.
          Thank you and blessings.

    1. Tony, I greatly appreciate you taking time to read the story and post a comment. Be on the look out for an upcoming three-part series I’m preparing on how to best utilize colors, days of the week and the various moon phases in do-it-yourself mystical workings. I will even include instructions for attracting new love and regaining a past love.
      Thank you and blessings!

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