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Eight Stages Of Falling In Love

falling in love

Eight Stages Of Falling In Love

The mystery still remains of why we fall in love with one person over another but fall in love is just what we do. The kind of relationship you attract to yourself is always based on what your definition of love is, coming from role models as children. Whether they be loving role models or ones that we spend most of our life trying to overcome, the stages of two people falling in love are pretty much the same. Love is a confusing thing. For many people love is scary, difficult and will just hit you sometimes without you even realizing it. By reading all the signs, you might just be able to see the several stages of falling in love yourself or your partner.

1st Stage

Appreciation. This is the “I like you” stage. Never to make a derogatory statement about our wonderful men, but most men (of course not those enlightened ones out there), they are in reality very shallow creatures when it comes to first sight attraction. Sadly, at the beginning; men are just attracted by the physical appearance of a woman, nothing else.

2nd Stage

Infatuation. Men appreciate women in many ways. There usual approach is what response they get with the effort they put out approaching who they are attracted to. Men might try to seduce as many women as they can, at any given time but infatuation comes when there is a mutual response that a connection has been made. If not rejected, he will then begin the wooing process of getting to know you better.

3rd Stage

Connecting on a deeper level as friends. You begin to realize that you have many similarities of background, likes and dislikes. You realize that you agree on many things and emotionally feel the same way on many degrees.

4th Stage

You start getting to know their habits, routines, likes and dislikes to a point where you can guess what they will say or do even before they do.

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5th Stage

Do everything together. This is the stage where both of you begin to realize you do not want to be apart and start planning your everyday routine and social life around each other.

6th Stage

Is this a ONE WAY feeling? The questions now start coming up for you if your dating partner is feeling the same way about you as you are beginning to feel about them? This is where you start to take notice if they are putting the same effort, time and energy into the relationship as you are. If they are not reciprocating on the same level, it does not mean that love is not going to happen, men can be a little slower on awareness they have met the love of their life.

7th Stage

Open book energy. You now have come to the point in your relationship that you feel you can be open about anything. You begin to reveal the ‘secrets’ that you have held back and see what kind of reaction you are getting. If it is: “so what?” or “we will figure this out together”, you have all the indications you are with a long-term partner. This is a very important stage of falling in love. You need to know who the person you are falling in love with in all its entirety.

8th Stage

The make it or break it argument. There is always the first one and that one is so important to show you are both able to work through the hard times together. You need to realize what you have is worth fighting for and have a good knock about fight and still respect each other afterwards.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Hearing those three Magic Words, “I LOVE YOU” is a process. If you hear them too soon, they may be questionable. If the timing is right, it can be a moment you will always remember as special. But just as important to note is that your version of the stages of falling in love may be in a different stage order than your partner, but the important thing is to consider your amazing chemistry, connection, bond, and strength as a couple. If it falls into place, go for it.

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Susan Z Rich is an emotional addiction counselor, spiritual intuitive and holistic therapist. She counsels others to see life in a more positive way and teaches personal accountability for life choices. She is also the author of several children’s books and Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine. (life cycles) Learn more at her website:

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  1. I am going through a heart break right now I think my ex who was my girlfriend at the time has cheated on me on several occasions and she has disappeared out of my life like j wasn’t anything to her 😢 I loved her so much and I had a weird way of expressing myself. I just want to be happy soon I am tired of struggling everyday. Please Father GOD bless me with you love and change my life around for the better!

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