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How did Ellen DeGeneres go off track?

Ellen DeGeneres

How did Ellen DeGeneres go off track?

Ellen DeGeneres is a household name across the English-speaking world. Her fun loving banter and heartfelt concern for people’s hardship is evident. She delivers a professional and yet hilarious view on things. Anyone who has watched her show will be well aware of her humour. She is one of the most inoffensive presenters that has ever graced the stage. She has earned a respect that takes years to build. It’s a respect that is far too strong for one event to knock.

This week one of her jokes backfired. It backfired because she posted a visual gag of her on the back of Usain Bolt the Olympic Gold medallist. Immediately there was an outcry of offence. This cry off offence was based solely on the colour of her skin. It would appear she did not have the correct shade of skin to make such a joke. Only people with the correct shade of skin would be allowed to make such a joke.

Now isn’t that very remark racist in itself? I come from a family where everyone has different colour hair and eyes. No one gets a privilege based on the shade of their hair. Skin colour is simply that, the tone of one’s skin. To state that you cannot behave in a certain way because of it is racist and wrong. Usain Bolt proved that he is above such things as he tweeted the picture loling it on his profile. Well done Usain Bolt, you have taken the joke in the form it was supposed to be taken and well done Ellen for delivering a wonderful show every time you take the stage. The world needs to stop thinking in skin colour and think people. Otherwise, the wound will never heal and the infection will spread.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about this situation?  The Page of Coins shows it is a time to set new values. What is valuable is the soul. The person within. We all have red blood and we all feel pain. We all love our families and friends. Colour is irrelevant. Religion is inherited or chosen. You have a right to believe in your faith without judgement. Minds need to change before the world does.

The Nine of Wands shows that this is not an impossible dream. It’s a very real possibility. If there is any hope for the children’s world tomorrow. The most valuable lesson they can learn is tolerance. The Page of Swords shows it’s time for a new battle. One against prejudice. Prejudice against any person for being different to you is wrong. Ellen’s joke wasn’t prejudice; it was one human to another. Someone looked and saw skin colour. That’s what was wrong. Not the photo. The world needs to become colour blind and accept that the people in it don’t need to be like us. Our life it too short and our skeletons are all the same colour.

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