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Emma Watson brings new meaning to the Disney Classic

Emma Watson

Emma Watson brings new meaning to the Disney Classic

Some say that we are never too old for fairy tales. And the new adaptation of Disney`s classic has something to offer each and every generation.
Most of us remember the sweet Hermione from Harry Potter. Now that sweet little girl has grown up, starring in one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast might just take the young actress`s career into a new direction. In most of her roles, Emma Watson played an active role. However, the original story wouldn`t have given her many opportunities to shine.

Refusing to make her a damsel in distress, she became a witty young Belle. One that isn`t afraid of a challenge, and also one that can defend herself (well, sort of). Not many details have been revealed about her character yet, but she has definitely put all her heart into it. Because that`s just who she is.

She is going to charm many of her fans with her newest performance. But what is it going to mean for her? Let`s ask the cards:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Knight of Wands: The initial idea is now being taken to a new level. This card indicates that as well as creating something new, tradition needs to be appreciated. She has given this project all her dedication. And while having all the energy required, patience is also key. She knows what she wants to achieve, and her expectations are realistic. This opportunity might have been unexpected, but life-changing, non-the-less.

Five of Pentacles: Although we live in a material world, focus now needs to be shifted from that aspect. Success can`t always be measured by the amount of money we receive for our efforts. There is always an emotional, psychological lesson to learn. This time of waiting is accompanied by a feeling of isolation, even sadness. Try to think about what`s the most important in life, and these feelings should pass. Turn to those who care for you for the person you are, and know your true worth.

Knight of Cups: There is a lot to learn from your on-stage character. While Belle is a `woman of action`, you tend to daydream instead when you aren`t working. More like the `original` Belle. You dream about an ideal life, but there is still work to be done. This only marks the beginning of your journey, not the end of it! If you manage to appreciate what you already have achieved, you can be happy on all levels. Joy and fulfilment aren`t that far, you just need to wait a little longer. And then when the time is right, reach out, and everything can be yours.


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