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Emma’s Life: Break Up With Drama

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Emma Ringrose is a young woman who has agreed to share her journey getting weekly readings from Master Psychic Vincent, and the effect it has on her day-to-day life. To read the rest of the series, click here: Emma’s Life

Break Up With Drama

It has now been two weeks since my last online psychic reading with Master Psychic Vincent, and a lot has changed within those two weeks… my ‘boyfriend’ and I were already sort of broken up as of two weeks ago, and now we are officially done, and my emotional stance has been a bit unpredictable since. So today’s online psychic reading from Vincent was exactly what I needed to keep my thoughts in check.

Vincent and I both agreed that this complete break up between my ex and I was exactly what I needed, as it’s good to get away from the drama and excitement. It is also good to get away from the bad energy that could be kept inside, and gives me a chance to figure out who I really am.

Vincent also mentioned that this is also a very good time of year to be thinking about myself and my feelings, because the Winter Solstice leads itself into a brand new year. As Vincent put it, I’m standing in the doorway of a brand new year, and I have twelve blank months ahead of me to figure out what I want to do, what goals I want to achieve, and how I’m going to do it.

In getting into my reading a bit more, Vincent said that he could see a lover coming up in my tarot cards. Whether that be a new lover or my ex, it could mean a few things. I have been talking to a new guy, so this could mean something with him, or it could be reflecting that my ex is still in my life, and part of us making things right is realizing that we are not bad people, but we are just in a bad place in our relationship. In this ‘new’ relationship that Vincent could see, he was able to see a new energy taking its course.

Clearing my Head

As far as my ex, Vincent also said that the break up was great timing because now we get to go home for the holidays, and we can reflect on what each of us had said during our arguments, and making a healthy assessment of it without being in that same physical space. So if we are able to get away and focus on other things for a little bit, it’ll make things easier to deal with when we come back after the holidays.

One of the other tarot cards that came up was the death card. Now, this doesn’t mean actual death, but it represents a new day or a new beginning, which is perfect with the New Year coming up. With this New Year, I will be able to focus on myself, and my emotional health, and not have to worry as much about work or anybody else but myself, which is something that I need desperately.

In closing, Vincent mentioned that everything in our lives is a lesson. We learn from each lesson that we get from our experiences, and use them to better ourselves, as well as the situations that we put ourselves in, which is something that I need to keep reminding ourselves of.

As for my next online psychic reading from Master Psychic Vincent, it will be after the New Year has started, so we will see what comes at that time!

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