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Emma Ringrose is a young woman who has agreed to share her journey getting weekly readings from Master Psychic Vincent, and the effect it has on her day-to-day life. To read the rest of the series, click here: Emma’s Life

Online psychic helps me with career advice

This week when I had my online psychic reading with Master Psychic Vincent, I wanted to focus a little bit about my future as far as far as my career. I have not been incredibly happy in my current job situation. I have been looking for new opportunities for a few weeks now, so I wanted to see what the tarot cards had in store for me this week in terms of that.

Vincent told me that overall, I am working hard in search of something that I want on an emotional level, instead of something that is just going to give me a paycheck. This was shocking to hear because that’s all I’ve essentially felt up to this point, as well as the opportunities that I am looking for. In my current job, I am only really doing it at this point in order to get a paycheck, and the opportunities that I am looking for are remote, because that is what will make me the happiest in my own opinion, so Vincent was right on the dot with that one.

What made this part of the reading so relevant and personal to me was that Vincent mentioned that I would probably be looking for something laid back, which I actually was. I have really bad anxiety, and my mind wanders off quite easily, especially at work where there are other people to talk to and other things that can be done that are not related to my work. I wanted to find something that was a remote position so that I could have my own space, not have to worry about distractions, and especially not have people to distract me. Having Vincent say this made me know that there was something there that was reading directly into my thoughts.

Reading the tarot cards

One of the tarot cards that Vincent pointed out to me in particular in my online psychic reading was the hangman – which symbolizes giving something up, or sacrificing one thing in order to gain something else. He saw this card and referred it to my career struggles in my current situation, how I am giving up happiness overall in order to still have a paycheck, as well as the experience.

Vincent also said that with my job search that I am currently on the right path; however, I just haven’t gotten to that corner yet where I would need to change directions with a career. He also suggested that there may be a connection lying somewhere in people that I already know, so asking friends and family could be beneficial in this situation.

In my reading, Vincent also assured me to be patient in all of this, because the journey to finding exactly what I want is going to be long. However, there will be peace of mind at the end of this long journey, which I will be thankful for waiting for that perfect opportunity.

As far as my relationship, as Vincent read into in my last reading, he touched on it again this week. He said that one of the keys to fixing and what we have would be to preserve the happy memories, and know that it is all a work in progress; and in due time, it will all work itself out one way or another.

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