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The end of Brangelina! Where did it go wrong for Brad and Angelina?

Brangelina brad and angelina split

The end of Brangelina! Where did it go wrong for Brad and Angelina?

Sadly, the news broke yesterday that we had all been hoping would not happen. Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce and is seeking sole custody of all 6 of their children. It’s very easy for people like me to sit on the fence and pass judgement as to how they should handle things. But I’m not living behind those doors. So for that reason, I will be respectful for all those involved. There have been speculations that Angelina did not agree with Brad’s method of parenting. Rumours of drink and drugs which were spilt out across the media. Another area that has yet to be proved.

Breakups very rarely happen without leaving scars. When two people are brought together, each will have their own history to bring into the mix. Despite emotions, this history always manifests itself in some way within the confines of the relationship. It won’t be visible to the outside world, but it will be very real to those within the relationship. It how we can handle or understand those parts of our partner, that will be the make or break of any relationship. Let’s not stand in judgement of their decisions. Remember it is easy to judge from the outside. I hope for the sake of the children, there is not a lot of mud-slinging. Children see, feel and hear a lot more than adults give them credit for. Children also remember a lot more than adults think.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about the closedown of Brangelina?

The Ace of Cups to Angelina Jolie, indicate this isn’t about hate. It appears to be about the disillusionment of what was once a dream. But like all dreams, reality has a way of breaking it down. Whatever happens to both of you Brad and Angelina, you have achieved great things. 6 lives have benefited by your union. That’s something no one and no divorce, can take away.

The Ace of Coins to Brad Pitt. This is not just the financial settlement which divorce always brings into play. But it’s more than that. It’s about taking the time to realise what is truly valuable and what is disposable. People are not disposable, good memories are not disposable, the love for your children is not disposable. Remember these and the path could be easier for all involved.

The Strength Card to both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This shows that both of you have the ability to succeed without depending on the other. But with children involved, that’s not always the better option. Regardless of what adults think, children’s minds see the world far more simply than adults. The press can be merciless, rise above it and play it low key. Although sad with the outcome. We wish you both nothing but the best for your future.


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