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A call for equality behind innocent boy’s haircut

A call for equality behind innocent boys haircut

A call for equality behind innocent boy’s haircut

Whenever a child acts from the bottom of their heart, adults see the world from a new perspective. An innocent comment can stir long-lost emotions and change the course of history. Nowadays, children’s impartial acts of kindness are the main focus of social media. People realized that there needs to be a better way of living, and that children can show us the way. Prejudice is more common than one would think, but not among children. Their sweet stories make us smile, and yet persuade us to think deeply about what’s really going on.

Such a story went viral in Kentucky, quickly spreading across the globe. Jax, a young boy needed a haircut. Which is a natural thing to do, obviously. When he pointed to his friend’s very short buzz cut, his mother couldn’t have been more proud. Not because she wanted to cut her son’s hair that short, no. There was a more human reason behind it: Jax’s friend, Reddy has a different skin colour to him. Yet the boy was certain that their teacher would mistake them for each other, should he get the same haircut.

This shows, how equality works amongst children, better than anywhere else in society. In their eyes, everyone is born the same. They don’t understand when adults differentiate between them, based on their ethnicity. If the world was ruled by kids, there would be peace, love and happiness. It’s a shame it isn’t so. According to Lydia Stith Rosebush, Jax’s mother, it is all a question of upbringing.

“If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught, I don’t know what is.” His mum wrote on Facebook. Where do we lose that childlike innocence, and how can we get it back? What’s more important, do we want to? Let’s consult the cards to see what this story tells us.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The High Priestess:
The child acts like a symbol of our inner self. Pay attention to your dreams, as they carry an important message. Nurturing needs to extend to all humans, but that starts with yourself. If you are in harmony with your inner self, everything is possible. Just like the child within, you will be able to find what’s truly important.

Page of Cups:
Here, this card represents our subconscious. Our inner self is trying to talk to us, all we need to do is listen. What is your ‘gut’ telling you to do? Don’t be afraid to express your emotions, just like a child would.

The Moon:
It’s important to clear your mind of old habits and imprints. Let go of what’s holding you back. Things aren’t as bad as they might seem, so don’t overthink things. Don’t judge harshly, old beliefs can cause a mistake in your judgment.


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