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Evan Rachel Wood revealed sexual assaults.

evan rachel wood

Evan Rachel Wood revealed sexual assaults.

Evan Rachel Wood has taken the brave step of coming forward and saying she has been sexually assaulted twice. The Actress revealed her horror story during an email to a Rolling Stone’s reporter. She said that she was attacked by a significant other when they were together and on a separate occasion by the owner of a bar.

She said:

“I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. Not given the state our world is in with blatant bigotry and sexism.”

To Evan Rachel Wood:
Congratulations on your brave step. No one has the right to violate another and expect to walk away unpunished. There are millions of people across the world who live in silent prisons inflicted by real live monsters. You are quite right in what you say. The time has come for people to come forward and speak. It’s not bad enough that they have committed this hideous crime. While they go on to live their life, their victim is consigned to a lifelong prison. People need to speak up and ensure that these monsters know that there is nowhere to hide. Those who listen to their stories need to stop being judgemental of the victim and be supportive. They may have taken your past Evan Rachel Woods, but you have just reclaimed your future. Congratulations.

Let us do a short reading for you Evan Rachel Woods and see what the cards say.

The Queen of Wands:
This card shows your inner talents. The Queen of Wands, is imagination, energy and creativity. All the things that go to make up the person you have grown to be. It is not without a certain amount of pain that a lot of this surfaced. When the world we live in doesn’t fit, then we must be creative to build a world where we can survive. Your acting comes naturally, almost hard-wired from years of pretending to be ok while in emotional pain.

The Nine of Coins:
This is the business card. The professional you. Here you can bury yourself in work so that your mind does not reflect on the things of the past. It has served you well, but it did not come without a price. Now that you are making your peace with your past, you have already reset your path, but it offers you choices. Somehow the confession has empowered you. The Nine of Coins shows that you can use this experience for the good of others.

The King of Swords:
This is a problem male. Obviously one the ones you were talking about. This man deemed himself to be too powerful to be questioned. There is an air of untouchable about the position that he sees himself in. However, he doesn’t see his vulnerability, but you do. You have the power to pull the rug from under his feet at any moment. The strange part is, he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Your experience has both stolen from you and empowered you. It is beyond doubt the most despicable thing one person can do to another. You have broken the prison gates and set yourself free. Those who imprisoned you will now be quaking in their boots. All men are not of this mindset. Those who are, seem to live in a strange world of entitlement. You have changed the course of your life now. It can only get stronger. Others will come to you for guidance and look for help in how to break their silence. Together you will be unstoppable.

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