Evil Versus Good and God’s Protection

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Evil Versus Good and God’s Protection

In the battle of good and evil, is the purity of one’s heart enough to overcome? Is God’s protection enough to protect you knowing the goodness within you?

Through the 7th Sense app, we have a texting service called Ask An Angel. Seekers ask a question via text and it is answered by the 7th Sense Angel. I work on that line and recently was talking with a seeker who was concerned about the potential of being scammed by a new employer.

During the course of our conversation, she expressed her belief that God would ultimately protect her because he knows the purity of her heart. That is a loose interpretation of her statement, but the general belief she held.

She was standing on her belief that God would protect her as long as her heart was pure. This brought up how to explain God allowing bad things to happen in our world, like innocent children getting injured and killed daily despite him knowing the purity in their hearts.

A great many people are under the false belief that if they live their lives according to the teachings of persons in authority of their chosen faith such as priests, reverends, rabbis, grand mufti or pastors, then they will always be protected from negative or adverse situations. This simply is not true.

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I am VERY strong in my own faith, but do not subscribe to any single religion. Even with a deeply held faith, I am also realistic. I know, understand and fully expect that sometimes I will have battles such as financial struggles, health issues, tremendous pain through the loss of someone close. Twice, my home has been burglarized and many very important items were taken and my sense of security was stolen, taking years for it to be restored.

Who are we to say that adversity is not part of the higher power’s plan? It is a widely held belief that each of us has a preordained time line for being here on earth. I know this will sound harsh, but who can honestly know for sure that being murdered is not part of the plan the higher power has lay out for some of us? Quite frankly, no living person can nor will ever know for sure.

Faith in a higher power is something that a vast many of us simply need to get through life. Faith is a vital component for some people to simply get out of bed each day or to deal with difficult people in their circle, get through a trying work day and too many other negative situations to count. Faith simply gets us through.

That being said, though, one person’s good and purity of heart is not always enough to trump another person’s evil.

No faith or religion promises us a trouble-free existence if we simply live by their standards and expectations. In fact, Jesus is quoted in the Christian bible in John 16:33 that we would have tribulation in this world.

Working our way through adversity is how we grow as individuals.

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  1. I would have to agree with you on this topic. I too have a strong connection to my beliefs however they are different from any single religion, but more of collection of religious beliefs merged into one. In my opinion formed by observations and my own life experiences, each of us will experience our own trials and tribulations. Now are these preordained, I couldn’t tell ya. But they exist nevertheless and they come into our lives regardless of the purity of our hearts, faith and/or actions. They arise in order for us to grow as individuals, not because we have been a bad person or done something wrong and not because God doesn’t love us or turned his back on us. Which sadly I think a lot of people think those are the reasons they’re going through something and in turn feel attacked or forgotten. And that’s a shame for I personally don’t believe its true making the feeling of attacked or forgotten unnecessarily felt.

    After we trumpet over a struggle, difficulty, hardship or alike, we are changed as individuals. We stand a little taller, we are a bit wiser, we are stronger and we appreciate and value things more so than before. Those are all positive things and signs of personal growth. However, it certainly doesn’t take away from how difficult those things were to obtain. How much the pain hurt, how strong the punch of life was or how hard you hit the ground. No one wants or volunteers to experience the downside of these events in our lives, but if we had never had them we would never experience the growth we receive from going through them. Even with this understanding it’s difficult to go through hardships and heartache and not wish they had ever come about in the first place. But I am grateful for the strength and wisdom my own struggles have gifted me. Hopefully, I am finally as wise and as strong as I am meant to be and therefore no more struggles are necessary lol. One can only hope.

  2. Thank you for this read. I grew up southern Baptist which is closed minded. It took me till I was 62 to realize I can worship God in my own way and that I wasn’t going to hell😯🙏😊

  3. I know through strong medication I can make a connection with my grown son that seems to hate me. I was not a perfect parent but I did not see myself as an evil one either. Other people has put bad things into his head when he was a child. He believes the lies that were set upon me. For I consider the woman that gave me birth… As Satan. Is there a way to open my son’s heart and let him see me for me or am I fighting a losing battle.

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