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Excuses Cheaters Make You Should Not Believe


Excuses Cheaters Make You Should Not Believe

Being cheated on by someone you love and trusted is a heartbreaking and gut-wrenching experience. Too many times, a reader adviser will hear when inquiring why a couple broke up, that is the reason. Or the question a reader dreads to hear, “is he cheating on me?” No matter how good a reader you are or how tactful your answers are, there is no way around the answer but either yes or no. There are varying degrees of cheating, such as emotional cheating, addictive flirting and of course the big one…. the affair. But it still is hard to hear and even harder to accept.

When you get involved in a romantic partnership, you expect that partner will be loyal only to you, regardless of what is going on in your relationship. The reality of cheating is there are no set rules on how someone cheats on you, unless the red flags were there when you got involved and you are hooked up with a committed serial cheater. The signs were all there but we usually choose to ignore them and when it happens to you in your relationship, you just can’t believe you were not going to be the exception to the rule.

“Men and women use different types of excuses for cheating,” as quoted by a polygraph expert. The typical “I was drunk” is more often used by men, while “It didn’t mean anything” tends to be used more often by women. In general, the excuse “I needed to make sure that you’re the one” is often used by pretty much anyone.

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Listed below are the most common excuses that cheaters will use time and time again. Once, twice and three is pushing it, if these excuses are being used……there is a good possibility you are involved with a cheater.

  1. “Sorry, my phone’s been dead the entire day.”
  2. “Will you relax? Nothing’s going on. We just work together.”
  3. “I had to work late.” Mentioned above, once, twice… maybe but if it is a regular excuse, something is amiss.
  4. “I just wanted to grab drinks with everyone after work.” Only if this is a sudden change in behavior.
  5. “I was so drunk, I don’t remember anything.” Getting drunk is one thing but never justifies cheating.
  6. “I have no idea why they keep texting me.” Strangers do not text someone on a regular basis.
  7. “My ex said they’d leave us alone if I met up with them just one more time.” Either it is over or it is not.
  8. “I crashed at my friend’s place last night.” On a regular basis, there is a problem.
  9. “I don’t know how that lipstick stain ended up there.” Teamed with other suspicions, cheating.
  10. “They came on to me.” Temptation is not a justifiable excuse for cheating.
  11. “I was lonely.” Then get a dog for a companion, not break a trust with your partner.
  12. “It was just the ONE time.” That statement is a personal decision of forgiveness but still the trust is broken.
  13. “You are just being paranoid.” The old saying of “somehow a woman just knows instinctively” is true. Unless you are overly jealous and paranoid, usually your suspicions are correct.

Susan Z’s Verdict

You should trust your instincts. If you are suspicious that your partner is having an affair, they probably are unless you’ve been professionally diagnosed as paranoid in that arena. You should always trust your feelings address your concerns with your partner. There are no rule books to go by in any cheating situation but if the signs are all there, eventually it will come to light. What you do with that information is completely based on what your definition of love is and your own personal self-esteem. Couples have worked through affairs and stayed together with counseling but a serial cheater is just that and regardless of what you say or do, that will not change unless they are willing to address their issue.

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  1. I agree with this story, as I am going with this process myself…and your totally right…strangers don’t text out of the blue and start asking for love, sexual favors, money, pictures of their private parts, and then continue to talk with your partner…however your doesn’t see the truth here…they feel they have done nothing wrong as the excuse I’ve been getting…its called emotionly cheating on your partner….but yet your partner does see it that way…
    So how long does a person have to put up with this? When your partner refuses counseling ect? One will never know…

  2. What is when you feel electric when touching someone and now it feels like they are draining you? It scares me and really do not question about others I just know!

  3. Thank you for your comments. 7th Sense always appreciates your input on our articles. Unfortunately we are unable to answer specific questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing psychics they would be happy to help and they may just say the very thing you have been hoping
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