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Why did Faith Evans have Twitter in a spin?

Faith Evans

Why did Faith Evans have Twitter in a spin?

All performers will know that wardrobe is a very important thing. You want to be noticed up there on the stage. You want to have them pay attention and comment on what you were wearing and how absolutely fabulous you look. And I’m sure that’s exactly what Faith Evans was thinking when she chose her long patterned dress. She wore the dress for her appearance in the TD Gardens arena. But if there is one thing most celebs are terrified of, it’s a wardrobe malfunction.

While there was nothing wrong with the dress Faith Evans chose. In order to move across the stage, she had to lift the dress. That was the precise moment that things went a little funny. While lifting her dress. She lifted it just a little bit too high and showed off more than a little bit of leg. It could be that Evans was wearing flesh colored underwear. But whatever the crowd say, twitter just lit up across the board with what they all thought they saw. Let’s face it, even if they found out it was flesh colored underwear. There are those out there who prefer to run with the first thought on this one. Well, look on the bright side Faith. They will remember this performance.

What have the cards got in store for you Faith Evans?

The Ten of Wands shows that you are a person who works hard for what she want’s in this life. As busy as you are on the stage, she balances this out with your home life. It’s not always an easy thing to do. But you appear to manage it well. Your home is most definitely where your heart is. But the call of the stage draws from very deep within, and you know it’s where you need to be.

The Tree of Wands shows that there are many strings to your bow. Your talent branches down many avenues. There is just not enough time to fill in all the things you want to do at once. But you will be able to get to most in time. So don’t panic. You are not at the mercy of time yet. Life has many gifts to bring to your door. So be open to receiving, value what you have and hold onto what you wish for. This will alone will keep you on the path to your dreams.

The Two of Cups there is love in your life, and this is your richest asset. Regardless of anything else Faith, if you have love you are among the wealthiest people alive. A big heart is richer than a big wallet, and will far outlive anything money could buy. Learning to trust after turbulence is never easy. But trust your instincts with a new face in your circle. Remember the saying: “A stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet.”

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